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#Vulnerabilities 3
Date ID Summary Products Score Patch
2019-04-17 CVE-2019-6568 A vulnerability has been identified in RFID 181EIP, SIMATIC ET 200SP Open Controller CPU 1515SP PC (incl. SIPLUS variants), SIMATIC ET 200SP Open Controller CPU 1515SP PC2 (incl. SIPLUS variants), SIMATIC HMI Comfort Outdoor Panels 7" & 15" (incl. SIPLUS variants), SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels 4" - 22" (incl. SIPLUS variants), SIMATIC HMI KTP Mobile Panels KTP400F, KTP700, KTP700F, KTP900 and KTP900F, SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor, SIMATIC NET CP 1616 and CP 1604, SIMATIC NET CP 343-1 Advanced... Cp1604_firmware, Cp1616_firmware, Simatic_cp343\-1_advanced_firmware, Simatic_cp443\-1_advanced_firmware, Simatic_cp443\-1_firmware, Simatic_cp443\-1_opc_ua, Simatic_et_200_sp_open_controller_cpu_1515sp_pc2_firmware, Simatic_et_200_sp_open_controller_cpu_1515sp_pc_firmware, Simatic_hmi_comfort_outdoor_panels_firmware, Simatic_hmi_comfort_panels_firmware, Simatic_hmi_ktp_mobile_panels_ktp400f_firmware, Simatic_hmi_ktp_mobile_panels_ktp700_firmware, Simatic_hmi_ktp_mobile_panels_ktp700f_firmware, Simatic_hmi_ktp_mobile_panels_ktp900_firmware, Simatic_hmi_ktp_mobile_panels_ktp900f_firmware, Simatic_ipc_diagmonitor, Simatic_rf181\-Eip_firmware, Simatic_rf182c_firmware, Simatic_rf185c_firmware, Simatic_rf186c_firmware, Simatic_rf188c_firmware, Simatic_rf600r_firmware, Simatic_s7\-1500_firmware, Simatic_s7\-1500_software_controller, Simatic_s7\-1500f_firmware, Simatic_s7\-1500s_firmware, Simatic_s7\-1500t_firmware, Simatic_s7\-300_firmware, Simatic_s7\-400_pn\/dp_firmware, Simatic_s7\-400_pn_firmware, Simatic_s7\-Plcsim_advanced, Simatic_teleservice_adapter_ie_advanced_firmware, Simatic_teleservice_adapter_ie_basic_firmware, Simatic_teleservice_adapter_ie_standard_firmware, Simatic_winac_rtx_2010_firmware, Simatic_wincc_runtime_advanced, Simocode_pro_v_eip_firmware, Simocode_pro_v_pn_firmware, Sinamics_g130_firmware, Sinamics_g150_firmware, Sinamics_s120_firmware, Sinamics_s150_firmware, Sinamics_s210_firmware, Sitop_manager, Sitop_psu8600_firmware, Sitop_ups1600_firmware, Tim_1531_irc_firmware 7.5
2018-03-29 CVE-2018-4841 A vulnerability has been identified in TIM 1531 IRC (All versions < V1.1). A remote attacker with network access to port 80/tcp or port 443/tcp could perform administrative operations on the device without prior authentication. Successful exploitation could allow to cause a denial-of-service, or read and manipulate data as well as configuration settings of the affected device. At the stage of publishing this security advisory no public exploitation is known. Siemens provides mitigations to... Tim_1531_irc_firmware 9.8
2018-12-12 CVE-2018-13816 A vulnerability has been identified in TIM 1531 IRC (All version < V2.0). The devices was missing proper authentication on port 102/tcp, although configured. Successful exploitation requires an attacker to be able to send packets to port 102/tcp of the affected device. No user interaction and no user privileges are required to exploit the vulnerability. At the time of advisory publication no public exploitation of this vulnerability was known. Tim_1531_irc_firmware 10.0