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#Vulnerabilities 59
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2023-08-29 CVE-2023-3251 A pass-back vulnerability exists where an authenticated, remote attacker with administrator privileges could uncover stored SMTP credentials within the Nessus application.This issue affects Nessus: before 10.6.0. Nessus 4.9
2023-08-29 CVE-2023-3252 An arbitrary file write vulnerability exists where an authenticated, remote attacker with administrator privileges could alter logging variables to overwrite arbitrary files on the remote host with log data, which could lead to a denial of service condition. Nessus 6.5
2023-08-29 CVE-2023-3253 An improper authorization vulnerability exists where an authenticated, low privileged remote attacker could view a list of all the users available in the application. Nessus 4.3
2022-10-25 CVE-2022-33757 An authenticated attacker could read Nessus Debug Log file attachments from the web UI without having the correct privileges to do so. This may lead to the disclosure of information on the scan target and/or the Nessus scan to unauthorized parties able to reach the Nessus instance. Nessus 6.5
2021-03-25 CVE-2021-3450 The X509_V_FLAG_X509_STRICT flag enables additional security checks of the certificates present in a certificate chain. It is not set by default. Starting from OpenSSL version 1.1.1h a check to disallow certificates in the chain that have explicitly encoded elliptic curve parameters was added as an additional strict check. An error in the implementation of this check meant that the result of a previous check to confirm that certificates in the chain are valid CA certificates was overwritten.... Fedora, Freebsd, Web_gateway, Web_gateway_cloud_service, Cloud_volumes_ontap_mediator, Oncommand_workflow_automation, Ontap_select_deploy_administration_utility, Santricity_smi\-S_provider_firmware, Storagegrid, Storagegrid_firmware, Node\.js, Openssl, Commerce_guided_search, Enterprise_manager_for_storage_management, Graalvm, Jd_edwards_enterpriseone_tools, Jd_edwards_world_security, Mysql_connectors, Mysql_enterprise_monitor, Mysql_server, Mysql_workbench, Peoplesoft_enterprise_peopletools, Secure_backup, Secure_global_desktop, Weblogic_server, Capture_client, Email_security, Sma100_firmware, Sonicos, Nessus, Nessus_agent, Nessus_network_monitor, Linux 7.4
2023-06-26 CVE-2023-2005 Vulnerability in Tenable Tenable.Io, Tenable Nessus, Tenable Security Center.This issue affects Tenable.Io: before Plugin Feed ID #202306261202 ; Nessus: before Plugin Feed ID #202306261202 ; Security Center: before Plugin Feed ID #202306261202 . This vulnerability could allow a malicious actor with sufficient permissions on a scan target to place a binary in a specific filesystem location, and abuse the impacted plugin in order to escalate privileges. Nessus, Securitycenter, Tenable\.io 8.8
2023-03-15 CVE-2022-4313 A vulnerability was reported where through modifying the scan variables, an authenticated user in Tenable products, that has Scan Policy Configuration roles, could manipulate audit policy variables to execute arbitrary commands on credentialed scan targets. Nessus, Plugin_feed 8.8
2023-02-01 CVE-2023-0524 As part of our Security Development Lifecycle, a potential privilege escalation issue was identified internally. This could allow a malicious actor with sufficient permissions to modify environment variables and abuse an impacted plugin in order to escalate privileges. We have resolved the issue and also made several defense-in-depth fixes alongside. While the probability of successful exploitation is low, Tenable is committed to securing our customers’ environments and our products. The... Nessus, Tenable\.io, Tenable\.sc 8.8
2023-01-20 CVE-2023-0101 A privilege escalation vulnerability was identified in Nessus versions 8.10.1 through 8.15.8 and 10.0.0 through 10.4.1. An authenticated attacker could potentially execute a specially crafted file to obtain root or NT AUTHORITY / SYSTEM privileges on the Nessus host. Nessus 8.8
2022-03-15 CVE-2022-0778 The BN_mod_sqrt() function, which computes a modular square root, contains a bug that can cause it to loop forever for non-prime moduli. Internally this function is used when parsing certificates that contain elliptic curve public keys in compressed form or explicit elliptic curve parameters with a base point encoded in compressed form. It is possible to trigger the infinite loop by crafting a certificate that has invalid explicit curve parameters. Since certificate parsing happens prior to... Debian_linux, Fedora, Mariadb, 500f_firmware, A250_firmware, Cloud_volumes_ontap_mediator, Clustered_data_ontap, Clustered_data_ontap_antivirus_connector, Santricity_smi\-S_provider, Storagegrid, Node\.js, Openssl, Nessus 7.5