Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2017-03-15 CVE-2016-7103 Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in jQuery UI before 1.12.0 might allow remote attackers to inject arbitrary web script or HTML via the closeText parameter of the dialog function. Fedora, Jquery_ui, Snapcenter, Application_express, Business_intelligence, Hospitality_cruise_fleet_management, Primavera_unifier, Weblogic_server, Openstack 6.1
2019-11-23 CVE-2019-11287 Pivotal RabbitMQ, versions 3.7.x prior to 3.7.21 and 3.8.x prior to 3.8.1, and RabbitMQ for Pivotal Platform, 1.16.x versions prior to 1.16.7 and 1.17.x versions prior to 1.17.4, contain a web management plugin that is vulnerable to a denial of service attack. The "X-Reason" HTTP Header can be leveraged to insert a malicious Erlang format string that will expand and consume the heap, resulting in the server crashing. Fedora, Rabbitmq, Openstack 7.5
2019-11-05 CVE-2013-6460 Nokogiri gem 1.5.x has Denial of Service via infinite loop when parsing XML documents Debian_linux, Nokogiri, Cloudforms_management_engine, Enterprise_mrg, Openstack, Satellite, Subscription_asset_manager 6.5
2021-03-18 CVE-2020-27827 A flaw was found in multiple versions of OpenvSwitch. Specially crafted LLDP packets can cause memory to be lost when allocating data to handle specific optional TLVs, potentially causing a denial of service. The highest threat from this vulnerability is to system availability. Fedora, Lldpd, Openvswitch, Enterprise_linux, Openshift_container_platform, Openstack, Virtualization 7.5
2018-04-26 CVE-2018-10237 Unbounded memory allocation in Google Guava 11.0 through 24.x before 24.1.1 allows remote attackers to conduct denial of service attacks against servers that depend on this library and deserialize attacker-provided data, because the AtomicDoubleArray class (when serialized with Java serialization) and the CompoundOrdering class (when serialized with GWT serialization) perform eager allocation without appropriate checks on what a client has sent and whether the data size is reasonable. Guava, Banking_payments, Communications_ip_service_activator, Customer_management_and_segmentation_foundation, Database_server, Flexcube_investor_servicing, Flexcube_private_banking, Retail_integration_bus, Retail_xstore_point_of_service, Weblogic_server, Jboss_enterprise_application_platform, Openshift_container_platform, Openstack, Satellite, Satellite_capsule, Virtualization, Virtualization_host 5.9
2019-10-08 CVE-2019-14846 In Ansible, all Ansible Engine versions up to ansible-engine 2.8.5, ansible-engine 2.7.13, ansible-engine 2.6.19, were logging at the DEBUG level which lead to a disclosure of credentials if a plugin used a library that logged credentials at the DEBUG level. This flaw does not affect Ansible modules, as those are executed in a separate process. Debian_linux, Backports_sle, Leap, Ansible_engine, Openstack 7.8
2020-04-13 CVE-2020-1759 A vulnerability was found in Red Hat Ceph Storage 4 and Red Hat Openshift Container Storage 4.2 where, A nonce reuse vulnerability was discovered in the secure mode of the messenger v2 protocol, which can allow an attacker to forge auth tags and potentially manipulate the data by leveraging the reuse of a nonce in a session. Messages encrypted using a reused nonce value are susceptible to serious confidentiality and integrity attacks. Fedora, Ceph, Ceph_storage, Openshift, Openstack 6.8
2020-06-26 CVE-2020-10753 A flaw was found in the Red Hat Ceph Storage RadosGW (Ceph Object Gateway). The vulnerability is related to the injection of HTTP headers via a CORS ExposeHeader tag. The newline character in the ExposeHeader tag in the CORS configuration file generates a header injection in the response when the CORS request is made. Ceph versions 3.x and 4.x are vulnerable to this issue. Ubuntu_linux, Fedora, Ceph, Leap, Ceph_storage, Openstack 6.5
2021-05-06 CVE-2021-31918 A flaw was found in tripleo-ansible version as shipped in Red Hat Openstack 16.1. The Ansible log file is readable to all users during stack update and creation. The highest threat from this vulnerability is to data confidentiality. Openstack 7.5
2018-05-22 CVE-2018-3639 Systems with microprocessors utilizing speculative execution and speculative execution of memory reads before the addresses of all prior memory writes are known may allow unauthorized disclosure of information to an attacker with local user access via a side-channel analysis, aka Speculative Store Bypass (SSB), Variant 4. Cortex\-A, Ubuntu_linux, Debian_linux, Atom_c, Atom_e, Atom_x5\-E3930, Atom_x5\-E3940, Atom_x7\-E3950, Atom_z, Celeron_j, Celeron_n, Core_i3, Core_i5, Core_i7, Core_m, Pentium, Pentium_j, Pentium_silver, Xeon_e3, Xeon_e3_1105c_v2, Xeon_e3_1125c_v2, Xeon_e3_12201, Xeon_e3_12201_v2, Xeon_e3_1220_v2, Xeon_e3_1220_v3, Xeon_e3_1220_v5, Xeon_e3_1220_v6, Xeon_e3_1220l_v3, Xeon_e3_1225, Xeon_e3_1225_v2, Xeon_e3_1225_v3, Xeon_e3_1225_v5, Xeon_e3_1225_v6, Xeon_e3_1226_v3, Xeon_e3_1230, Xeon_e3_1230_v2, Xeon_e3_1230_v3, Xeon_e3_1230_v5, Xeon_e3_1230_v6, Xeon_e3_1230l_v3, Xeon_e3_1231_v3, Xeon_e3_1235, Xeon_e3_1235l_v5, Xeon_e3_1240, Xeon_e3_1240_v2, Xeon_e3_1240_v3, Xeon_e3_1240_v5, Xeon_e3_1240_v6, Xeon_e3_1240l_v3, Xeon_e3_1240l_v5, Xeon_e3_1241_v3, Xeon_e3_1245, Xeon_e3_1245_v2, Xeon_e3_1245_v3, Xeon_e3_1245_v5, Xeon_e3_1245_v6, Xeon_e3_1246_v3, Xeon_e3_1258l_v4, Xeon_e3_1260l, Xeon_e3_1260l_v5, Xeon_e3_1265l_v2, Xeon_e3_1265l_v3, Xeon_e3_1265l_v4, Xeon_e3_1268l_v3, Xeon_e3_1268l_v5, Xeon_e3_1270, Xeon_e3_1270_v2, Xeon_e3_1270_v3, Xeon_e3_1270_v5, Xeon_e3_1270_v6, Xeon_e3_1271_v3, Xeon_e3_1275_v2, Xeon_e3_1275_v3, Xeon_e3_1275_v5, Xeon_e3_1275_v6, Xeon_e3_1275l_v3, Xeon_e3_1276_v3, Xeon_e3_1278l_v4, Xeon_e3_1280, Xeon_e3_1280_v2, Xeon_e3_1280_v3, Xeon_e3_1280_v5, Xeon_e3_1280_v6, Xeon_e3_1281_v3, Xeon_e3_1285_v3, Xeon_e3_1285_v4, Xeon_e3_1285_v6, Xeon_e3_1285l_v3, Xeon_e3_1285l_v4, Xeon_e3_1286_v3, Xeon_e3_1286l_v3, Xeon_e3_1290, Xeon_e3_1290_v2, Xeon_e3_1501l_v6, Xeon_e3_1501m_v6, Xeon_e3_1505l_v5, Xeon_e3_1505l_v6, Xeon_e3_1505m_v5, Xeon_e5, Xeon_e5_1428l, Xeon_e5_1428l_v2, Xeon_e5_1428l_v3, Xeon_e5_1620, Xeon_e5_1620_v2, Xeon_e5_1620_v3, Xeon_e5_1620_v4, Xeon_e5_1630_v3, Xeon_e5_1630_v4, Xeon_e5_1650, Xeon_e5_1650_v2, Xeon_e5_1650_v3, Xeon_e5_1650_v4, Xeon_e5_1660, Xeon_e5_1660_v2, Xeon_e5_1660_v3, Xeon_e5_1660_v4, Xeon_e5_1680_v3, Xeon_e5_1680_v4, Xeon_e5_2403, Xeon_e5_2403_v2, Xeon_e5_2407, Xeon_e5_2407_v2, Xeon_e5_2408l_v3, Xeon_e5_2418l, Xeon_e5_2418l_v2, Xeon_e5_2418l_v3, Xeon_e5_2420, Xeon_e5_2420_v2, Xeon_e5_2428l, Xeon_e5_2428l_v2, Xeon_e5_2428l_v3, Xeon_e5_2430, Xeon_e5_2430_v2, Xeon_e5_2430l, Xeon_e5_2430l_v2, Xeon_e5_2438l_v3, Xeon_e5_2440, Xeon_e5_2440_v2, Xeon_e5_2448l, Xeon_e5_2448l_v2, Xeon_e5_2450, Xeon_e5_2450_v2, Xeon_e5_2450l, Xeon_e5_2450l_v2, Xeon_e5_2470, Xeon_e5_2470_v2, Xeon_e5_2603, Xeon_e5_2603_v2, Xeon_e5_2603_v3, Xeon_e5_2603_v4, Xeon_e5_2608l_v3, Xeon_e5_2608l_v4, Xeon_e5_2609, Xeon_e5_2609_v2, Xeon_e5_2609_v3, Xeon_e5_2609_v4, Xeon_e5_2618l_v2, Xeon_e5_2618l_v3, Xeon_e5_2618l_v4, Xeon_e5_2620, Xeon_e5_2620_v2, Xeon_e5_2620_v3, Xeon_e5_2620_v4, Xeon_e5_2623_v3, Xeon_e5_2623_v4, Xeon_e5_2628l_v2, Xeon_e5_2628l_v3, Xeon_e5_2628l_v4, Xeon_e5_2630, Xeon_e5_2630_v2, Xeon_e5_2630_v3, Xeon_e5_2630_v4, Xeon_e5_2630l, Xeon_e5_2630l_v2, Xeon_e5_2630l_v3, Xeon_e5_2630l_v4, Xeon_e5_2637, Xeon_e5_2637_v2, Xeon_e5_2637_v3, Xeon_e5_2637_v4, Xeon_e5_2640, Xeon_e5_2640_v2, Xeon_e5_2640_v3, Xeon_e5_2640_v4, Xeon_e5_2643, Xeon_e5_2643_v2, Xeon_e5_2643_v3, Xeon_e5_2643_v4, Xeon_e5_2648l, Xeon_e5_2648l_v2, Xeon_e5_2648l_v3, Xeon_e5_2648l_v4, Xeon_e5_2650, Xeon_e5_2650_v2, Xeon_e5_2650_v3, Xeon_e5_2650_v4, Xeon_e5_2650l, Xeon_e5_2650l_v2, Xeon_e5_2650l_v3, Xeon_e7, Xeon_e\-1105c, Xeon_gold, Xeon_platinum, Xeon_silver, Surface, Surface_book, Surface_pro, Surface_pro_with_lte_advanced, Surface_studio, Windows_10, Windows_7, Windows_8\.1, Windows_server_2008, Windows_server_2012, Windows_server_2016, Micloud_management_portal, Micollab, Mivoic_mx\-One, Mivoice_5000, Mivoice_border_gateway, Mivoice_business, Mivoice_connect, Open_integration_gateway, Jetson_tx1, Jetson_tx2, Local_service_management_system, Solaris, Enterprise_linux_desktop, Enterprise_linux_eus, Enterprise_linux_server, Enterprise_linux_server_aus, Enterprise_linux_server_tus, Enterprise_linux_workstation, Mrg_realtime, Openstack, Virtualization, Virtualization_manager, Struxureware_data_center_expert, Itc1500_firmware, Itc1500_pro_firmware, Itc1900_firmware, Itc1900_pro_firmware, Itc2200_firmware, Itc2200_pro_firmware, Ruggedcom_ape_firmware, Simatic_et_200_sp_firmware, Simatic_field_pg_m4_firmware, Simatic_field_pg_m5_firmware, Simatic_ipc3000_smart_firmware, Simatic_ipc347e_firmware, Simatic_ipc427c_firmware, Simatic_ipc427d_firmware, Simatic_ipc427e_firmware, Simatic_ipc477c_firmware, Simatic_ipc477d_firmware, Simatic_ipc477e_firmware, Simatic_ipc477e_pro_firmware, Simatic_ipc547e_firmware, Simatic_ipc547g_firmware, Simatic_ipc627c_firmware, Simatic_ipc627d_firmware, Simatic_ipc647c_firmware, Simatic_ipc647d_firmware, Simatic_ipc677c_firmware, Simatic_ipc677d_firmware, Simatic_ipc827c_firmware, Simatic_ipc827d_firmware, Simatic_ipc847c_firmware, Simatic_ipc847d_firmware, Simatic_itp1000_firmware, Simatic_s7\-1500_firmware, Simotion_p320\-4e_firmware, Sinema_remote_connect_firmware, Sinumerik_840_d_sl_firmware, Sinumerik_pcu_50\.5_firmware, Sinumerik_tcu_30\.3_firmware, Cloud_global_management_system, Email_security, Global_management_system, Secure_mobile_access, Sonicosv, Web_application_firewall 5.5