Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2023-09-21 CVE-2023-41993 The issue was addressed with improved checks. This issue is fixed in macOS Sonoma 14. Processing web content may lead to arbitrary code execution. Apple is aware of a report that this issue may have been actively exploited against versions of iOS before iOS 16.7. Ipados, Iphone_os, Macos, Debian_linux, Fedora, Cloud_insights_acquisition_unit, Cloud_insights_storage_workload_security_agent, Oncommand_insight, Oncommand_workflow_automation, Graalvm, Jdk, Jre 9.8
2023-09-14 CVE-2023-1108 A flaw was found in undertow. This issue makes achieving a denial of service possible due to an unexpected handshake status updated in SslConduit, where the loop never terminates. Oncommand_workflow_automation, Build_of_quarkus, Decision_manager, Fuse, Integration_camel_k, Integration_service_registry, Jboss_enterprise_application_platform, Jboss_enterprise_application_platform_expansion_pack, Openshift_application_runtimes, Openshift_container_platform, Openshift_container_platform_for_linuxone, Openshift_container_platform_for_power, Openstack_platform, Process_automation, Single_sign\-On, Undertow 7.5
2023-10-18 CVE-2023-38545 This flaw makes curl overflow a heap based buffer in the SOCKS5 proxy handshake. When curl is asked to pass along the host name to the SOCKS5 proxy to allow that to resolve the address instead of it getting done by curl itself, the maximum length that host name can be is 255 bytes. If the host name is detected to be longer, curl switches to local name resolving and instead passes on the resolved address only. Due to this bug, the local variable that means "let the host resolve the name"... Fedora, Libcurl, Windows_10_1809, Windows_10_21h2, Windows_10_22h2, Windows_11_21h2, Windows_11_22h2, Windows_11_23h2, Windows_server_2019, Windows_server_2022, Active_iq_unified_manager, Oncommand_insight, Oncommand_workflow_automation 9.8
2021-06-11 CVE-2021-22901 curl 7.75.0 through 7.76.1 suffers from a use-after-free vulnerability resulting in already freed memory being used when a TLS 1.3 session ticket arrives over a connection. A malicious server can use this in rare unfortunate circumstances to potentially reach remote code execution in the client. When libcurl at run-time sets up support for TLS 1.3 session tickets on a connection using OpenSSL, it stores pointers to the transfer in-memory object for later retrieval when a session ticket... Curl, Active_iq_unified_manager, Cloud_backup, H300e_firmware, H300s_firmware, H410s_firmware, H500e_firmware, H500s_firmware, H700e_firmware, H700s_firmware, Hci_compute_node_firmware, Oncommand_insight, Oncommand_workflow_automation, Snapcenter, Solidfire\,_enterprise_sds_\&_hci_storage_node, Solidfire_\&_hci_management_node, Solidfire_baseboard_management_controller_firmware, Communications_cloud_native_core_binding_support_function, Communications_cloud_native_core_network_function_cloud_native_environment, Communications_cloud_native_core_network_repository_function, Communications_cloud_native_core_network_slice_selection_function, Communications_cloud_native_core_service_communication_proxy, Essbase, Mysql_server, Sinec_infrastructure_network_services, Universal_forwarder 8.1
2021-08-05 CVE-2021-22926 libcurl-using applications can ask for a specific client certificate to be used in a transfer. This is done with the `CURLOPT_SSLCERT` option (`--cert` with the command line tool).When libcurl is built to use the macOS native TLS library Secure Transport, an application can ask for the client certificate by name or with a file name - using the same option. If the name exists as a file, it will be used instead of by name.If the appliction runs with a current working directory that is writable... Curl, Active_iq_unified_manager, Clustered_data_ontap, H300e_firmware, H300s_firmware, H410s_firmware, H500e_firmware, H500s_firmware, H700e_firmware, H700s_firmware, Hci_management_node, Oncommand_insight, Oncommand_workflow_automation, Snapcenter, Solidfire, Mysql_server, Peoplesoft_enterprise_peopletools, Sinec_infrastructure_network_services, Universal_forwarder 7.5
2021-09-29 CVE-2021-22946 A user can tell curl >= 7.20.0 and <= 7.78.0 to require a successful upgrade to TLS when speaking to an IMAP, POP3 or FTP server (`--ssl-reqd` on the command line or`CURLOPT_USE_SSL` set to `CURLUSESSL_CONTROL` or `CURLUSESSL_ALL` withlibcurl). This requirement could be bypassed if the server would return a properly crafted but perfectly legitimate response.This flaw would then make curl silently continue its operations **withoutTLS** contrary to the instructions and expectations, exposing... Macos, Debian_linux, Fedora, Curl, Cloud_backup, Clustered_data_ontap, H300e_firmware, H300s_firmware, H410s_firmware, H500e_firmware, H500s_firmware, H700e_firmware, H700s_firmware, Oncommand_insight, Oncommand_workflow_automation, Snapcenter, Solidfire_baseboard_management_controller_firmware, Commerce_guided_search, Communications_cloud_native_core_binding_support_function, Communications_cloud_native_core_console, Communications_cloud_native_core_network_function_cloud_native_environment, Communications_cloud_native_core_network_repository_function, Communications_cloud_native_core_network_slice_selection_function, Communications_cloud_native_core_security_edge_protection_proxy, Communications_cloud_native_core_service_communication_proxy, Mysql_server, Peoplesoft_enterprise_peopletools, Sinec_infrastructure_network_services, Universal_forwarder 7.5
2022-06-02 CVE-2022-27778 A use of incorrectly resolved name vulnerability fixed in 7.83.1 might remove the wrong file when `--no-clobber` is used together with `--remove-on-error`. Curl, Active_iq_unified_manager, Bh500s_firmware, Clustered_data_ontap, H300s_firmware, H410s_firmware, H700s_firmware, Hci_compute_node_firmware, Oncommand_insight, Oncommand_workflow_automation, Snapcenter, Solidfire_\&_hci_management_node, Mysql_server, Universal_forwarder 8.1
2022-12-23 CVE-2022-43551 A vulnerability exists in curl <7.87.0 HSTS check that could be bypassed to trick it to keep using HTTP. Using its HSTS support, curl can be instructed to use HTTPS instead of using an insecure clear-text HTTP step even when HTTP is provided in the URL. However, the HSTS mechanism could be bypassed if the host name in the given URL first uses IDN characters that get replaced to ASCII counterparts as part of the IDN conversion. Like using the character UTF-8 U+3002 (IDEOGRAPHIC FULL STOP)... Fedora, Curl, Active_iq_unified_manager, Oncommand_insight, Oncommand_workflow_automation, Snapcenter, Universal_forwarder 7.5
2020-10-06 CVE-2020-25644 A memory leak flaw was found in WildFly OpenSSL in versions prior to 1.1.3.Final, where it removes an HTTP session. It may allow the attacker to cause OOM leading to a denial of service. The highest threat from this vulnerability is to system availability. Oncommand_insight, Oncommand_workflow_automation, Service_level_manager, Data_grid, Jboss_data_grid, Jboss_enterprise_application_platform, Jboss_fuse, Openshift_application_runtimes, Single_sign\-On, Wildfly_openssl 7.5
2022-01-19 CVE-2022-21277 Vulnerability in the Oracle Java SE, Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition product of Oracle Java SE (component: ImageIO). Supported versions that are affected are Oracle Java SE: 11.0.13, 17.0.1; Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition: 20.3.4 and 21.3.0. Easily exploitable vulnerability allows unauthenticated attacker with network access via multiple protocols to compromise Oracle Java SE, Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition. Successful attacks of this vulnerability can result in unauthorized ability... Debian_linux, 7\-Mode_transition_tool, Active_iq_unified_manager, Cloud_insights_acquisition_unit, Cloud_secure_agent, E\-Series_santricity_os_controller, E\-Series_santricity_storage_manager, E\-Series_santricity_web_services, Hci_management_node, Oncommand_insight, Oncommand_workflow_automation, Santricity_storage_plugin, Santricity_unified_manager, Snapmanager, Solidfire, Graalvm, Jdk, Jre, Openjdk 5.3