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#Vulnerabilities 2
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2021-02-16 CVE-2021-23841 The OpenSSL public API function X509_issuer_and_serial_hash() attempts to create a unique hash value based on the issuer and serial number data contained within an X509 certificate. However it fails to correctly handle any errors that may occur while parsing the issuer field (which might occur if the issuer field is maliciously constructed). This may subsequently result in a NULL pointer deref and a crash leading to a potential denial of service attack. The function... Ipad_os, Iphone_os, Macos, Safari, Debian_linux, Oncommand_insight, Oncommand_workflow_automation, Snapcenter, Openssl, Nessus_network_monitor, Tenable\.sc 5.9
2020-11-06 CVE-2020-5794 A vulnerability in Nessus Network Monitor versions 5.11.0, 5.11.1, and 5.12.0 for Windows could allow an authenticated local attacker to execute arbitrary code by copying user-supplied files to a specially constructed path in a specifically named user directory. The attacker needs valid credentials on the Windows system to exploit this vulnerability. Nessus_network_monitor 7.8