#Vulnerabilities 1253
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2019-02-11 CVE-2019-5736 runc through 1.0-rc6, as used in Docker before 18.09.2 and other products, allows attackers to overwrite the host runc binary (and consequently obtain host root access) by leveraging the ability to execute a command as root within one of these types of containers: (1) a new container with an attacker-controlled image, or (2) an existing container, to which the attacker previously had write access, that can be attached with docker exec. This occurs because of file-descriptor mishandling,... Mesos, Ubuntu_linux, Dc\/os, Kubernetes_engine, Docker, Fedora, Kubernetes_engine, Onesphere, Lxc, Runc, Service_management_automation, Hci_management_node, Solidfire, Backports_sle, Leap, Container_development_kit, Enterprise_linux, Enterprise_linux_server, Openshift 8.6
2020-09-27 CVE-2020-26116 http.client in Python 3.x before 3.5.10, 3.6.x before 3.6.12, 3.7.x before 3.7.9, and 3.8.x before 3.8.5 allows CRLF injection if the attacker controls the HTTP request method, as demonstrated by inserting CR and LF control characters in the first argument of HTTPConnection.request. Ubuntu_linux, Debian_linux, Fedora, Hci_compute_node, Hci_storage_node, Solidfire, Leap, Zfs_storage_appliance_kit, Python 7.2
2019-10-07 CVE-2019-17041 An issue was discovered in Rsyslog v8.1908.0. contrib/pmaixforwardedfrom/pmaixforwardedfrom.c has a heap overflow in the parser for AIX log messages. The parser tries to locate a log message delimiter (in this case, a space or a colon) but fails to account for strings that do not satisfy this constraint. If the string does not match, then the variable lenMsg will reach the value zero and will skip the sanity check that detects invalid log messages. The message will then be considered valid,... Debian_linux, Fedora, Leap, Rsyslog 9.8
2019-10-07 CVE-2019-17042 An issue was discovered in Rsyslog v8.1908.0. contrib/pmcisconames/pmcisconames.c has a heap overflow in the parser for Cisco log messages. The parser tries to locate a log message delimiter (in this case, a space or a colon), but fails to account for strings that do not satisfy this constraint. If the string does not match, then the variable lenMsg will reach the value zero and will skip the sanity check that detects invalid log messages. The message will then be considered valid, and the... Debian_linux, Fedora, Leap, Rsyslog 9.8
2020-01-15 CVE-2020-2659 Vulnerability in the Java SE, Java SE Embedded product of Oracle Java SE (component: Networking). Supported versions that are affected are Java SE: 7u241 and 8u231; Java SE Embedded: 8u231. Difficult to exploit vulnerability allows unauthenticated attacker with network access via multiple protocols to compromise Java SE, Java SE Embedded. Successful attacks of this vulnerability can result in unauthorized ability to cause a partial denial of service (partial DOS) of Java SE, Java SE... Ubuntu_linux, Debian_linux, Active_iq_unified_manager, E\-Series_performance_analyzer, E\-Series_santricity_management_plug\-Ins, E\-Series_santricity_os_controller, E\-Series_santricity_storage_manager, E\-Series_santricity_web_services_proxy, Oncommand_insight, Oncommand_workflow_automation, Santricity_unified_manager, Steelstore_cloud_integrated_storage, Leap, Jdk, Jre, Openjdk, Enterprise_linux, Enterprise_linux_desktop, Enterprise_linux_eus, Enterprise_linux_server, Enterprise_linux_server_aus, Enterprise_linux_server_tus, Enterprise_linux_workstation 3.7
2019-02-20 CVE-2019-7164 SQLAlchemy through 1.2.17 and 1.3.x through 1.3.0b2 allows SQL Injection via the order_by parameter. Debian_linux, Backports_sle, Leap, Communications_operations_monitor, Enterprise_linux, Enterprise_linux_eus, Enterprise_linux_server_aus, Enterprise_linux_server_tus, Sqlalchemy 9.8
2020-05-14 CVE-2020-1945 Apache Ant 1.1 to 1.9.14 and 1.10.0 to 1.10.7 uses the default temporary directory identified by the Java system property for several tasks and may thus leak sensitive information. The fixcrlf and replaceregexp tasks also copy files from the temporary directory back into the build tree allowing an attacker to inject modified source files into the build process. Ant, Ubuntu_linux, Fedora, Leap, Agile_engineering_data_management, Banking_enterprise_collections, Banking_liquidity_management, Banking_platform, Business_process_management_suite, Category_management_planning_\&_optimization, Communications_asap, Communications_diameter_signaling_router, Communications_metasolv_solution, Communications_order_and_service_management, Data_integrator, Endeca_information_discovery_studio, Enterprise_manager_ops_center, Enterprise_repository, Financial_services_analytical_applications_infrastructure, Flexcube_investor_servicing, Flexcube_private_banking, Health_sciences_information_manager, Primavera_gateway, Primavera_unifier, Rapid_planning, Real\-Time_decision_server, Retail_advanced_inventory_planning, Retail_assortment_planning, Retail_back_office, Retail_bulk_data_integration, Retail_central_office, Retail_data_extractor_for_merchandising, Retail_extract_transform_and_load, Retail_financial_integration, Retail_integration_bus, Retail_item_planning, Retail_macro_space_optimization, Retail_merchandise_financial_planning, Retail_merchandising_system, Retail_point\-Of\-Service, Retail_predictive_application_server, Retail_regular_price_optimization, Retail_replenishment_optimization, Retail_returns_management, Retail_service_backbone, Retail_size_profile_optimization, Retail_store_inventory_management, Retail_xstore_point_of_service, Timesten_in\-Memory_database, Utilities_framework 6.3
2020-06-05 CVE-2020-10543 Perl before 5.30.3 on 32-bit platforms allows a heap-based buffer overflow because nested regular expression quantifiers have an integer overflow. Fedora, Leap, Communications_billing_and_revenue_management, Communications_diameter_signaling_router, Communications_eagle_lnp_application_processor, Communications_lsms, Communications_offline_mediation_controller, Communications_pricing_design_center, Configuration_manager, Enterprise_manager_base_platform, Sd\-Wan_edge, Tekelec_platform_distribution, Perl 8.2
2020-05-06 CVE-2020-12108 /options/mailman in GNU Mailman before 2.1.31 allows Arbitrary Content Injection. Ubuntu_linux, Debian_linux, Fedora, Mailman, Backports_sle, Leap 6.5
2020-05-20 CVE-2020-9484 When using Apache Tomcat versions 10.0.0-M1 to 10.0.0-M4, 9.0.0.M1 to 9.0.34, 8.5.0 to 8.5.54 and 7.0.0 to 7.0.103 if a) an attacker is able to control the contents and name of a file on the server; and b) the server is configured to use the PersistenceManager with a FileStore; and c) the PersistenceManager is configured with sessionAttributeValueClassNameFilter="null" (the default unless a SecurityManager is used) or a sufficiently lax filter to allow the attacker provided object to be... Tomcat, Ubuntu_linux, Debian_linux, Fedora, Epolicy_orchestrator, Leap, Agile_engineering_data_management, Agile_plm, Communications_diameter_signaling_router, Communications_element_manager, Communications_instant_messaging_server, Communications_session_report_manager, Communications_session_route_manager, Database, Fmw_platform, Hospitality_guest_access, Instantis_enterprisetrack, Managed_file_transfer, Mysql_enterprise_monitor, Retail_order_broker, Siebel_apps_\-_marketing, Siebel_ui_framework, Transportation_management, Workload_manager 7.0