#Vulnerabilities 99
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2022-10-26 CVE-2022-3704 A vulnerability classified as problematic has been found in Ruby on Rails. This affects an unknown part of the file actionpack/lib/action_dispatch/middleware/templates/routes/_table.html.erb. The manipulation leads to cross site scripting. It is possible to initiate the attack remotely. The name of the patch is be177e4566747b73ff63fd5f529fab564e475ed4. It is recommended to apply a patch to fix this issue. The associated identifier of this vulnerability is VDB-212319. Rails 5.4
2022-02-11 CVE-2022-23634 Puma is a Ruby/Rack web server built for parallelism. Prior to `puma` version `5.6.2`, `puma` may not always call `close` on the response body. Rails, prior to version ``, depended on the response body being closed in order for its `CurrentAttributes` implementation to work correctly. The combination of these two behaviors (Puma not closing the body + Rails' Executor implementation) causes information leakage. This problem is fixed in Puma versions 5.6.2 and 4.3.11. This problem is... Debian_linux, Fedora, Puma, Rails 5.9
2022-02-11 CVE-2022-23633 Action Pack is a framework for handling and responding to web requests. Under certain circumstances response bodies will not be closed. In the event a response is *not* notified of a `close`, `ActionDispatch::Executor` will not know to reset thread local state for the next request. This can lead to data being leaked to subsequent requests.This has been fixed in Rails,,, and Upgrading is highly recommended, but to work around this problem a middleware... Debian_linux, Rails 5.9
2020-06-19 CVE-2020-8162 A client side enforcement of server side security vulnerability exists in rails < and rails < ActiveStorage's S3 adapter that allows the Content-Length of a direct file upload to be modified by an end user bypassing upload limits. Debian_linux, Rails 7.5
2020-06-19 CVE-2020-8164 A deserialization of untrusted data vulnerability exists in rails <, rails < which can allow an attacker to supply information can be inadvertently leaked fromStrong Parameters. Debian_linux, Backports_sle, Leap, Rails 7.5
2020-06-19 CVE-2020-8165 A deserialization of untrusted data vulnernerability exists in rails <, rails < that can allow an attacker to unmarshal user-provided objects in MemCacheStore and RedisCacheStore potentially resulting in an RCE. Debian_linux, Leap, Rails 9.8
2020-07-02 CVE-2020-8163 The is a code injection vulnerability in versions of Rails prior to 5.0.1 that wouldallow an attacker who controlled the `locals` argument of a `render` call to perform a RCE. Debian_linux, Rails 8.8
2021-05-27 CVE-2021-22885 A possible information disclosure / unintended method execution vulnerability in Action Pack >= 2.0.0 when using the `redirect_to` or `polymorphic_url`helper with untrusted user input. Debian_linux, Actionpack_page\-Caching, Rails 7.5
2022-01-10 CVE-2021-44528 A open redirect vulnerability exists in Action Pack >= 6.0.0 that could allow an attacker to craft a "X-Forwarded-Host" headers in combination with certain "allowed host" formats can cause the Host Authorization middleware in Action Pack to redirect users to a malicious website. Rails 6.1
2021-02-11 CVE-2021-22880 The PostgreSQL adapter in Active Record before,, suffers from a regular expression denial of service (REDoS) vulnerability. Carefully crafted input can cause the input validation in the `money` type of the PostgreSQL adapter in Active Record to spend too much time in a regular expression, resulting in the potential for a DoS attack. This only impacts Rails applications that are using PostgreSQL along with money type columns that take user input. Fedora, Rails 7.5