#Vulnerabilities 79
Date ID Summary Products Score Patch
2019-11-12 CVE-2010-3299 The encrypt/decrypt functions in Ruby on Rails 2.3 are vulnerable to padding oracle attacks. Debian_linux, Rails N/A
2019-03-27 CVE-2019-5418 There is a File Content Disclosure vulnerability in Action View <, <, <, < and v3 where specially crafted accept headers can cause contents of arbitrary files on the target system's filesystem to be exposed. Debian_linux, Cloudforms, Rails 7.5
2018-11-30 CVE-2018-16477 A bypass vulnerability in Active Storage >= 5.2.0 for Google Cloud Storage and Disk services allow an attacker to modify the `content-disposition` and `content-type` parameters which can be used in with HTML files and have them executed inline. Additionally, if combined with other techniques such as cookie bombing and specially crafted AppCache manifests, an attacker can gain access to private signed URLs within a specific storage path. This vulnerability has been fixed in version Rails 6.5
2018-11-30 CVE-2018-16476 A Broken Access Control vulnerability in Active Job versions >= 4.2.0 allows an attacker to craft user input which can cause Active Job to deserialize it using GlobalId and give them access to information that they should not have. This vulnerability has been fixed in versions 4.2.11,,, and Cloudforms, Rails 7.5
2019-03-27 CVE-2019-5420 A remote code execution vulnerability in development mode Rails <, <6.0.0.beta3 can allow an attacker to guess the automatically generated development mode secret token. This secret token can be used in combination with other Rails internals to escalate to a remote code execution exploit. Debian_linux, Fedora, Rails 9.8
2016-09-07 CVE-2016-6317 Action Record in Ruby on Rails 4.2.x before does not properly consider differences in parameter handling between the Active Record component and the JSON implementation, which allows remote attackers to bypass intended database-query restrictions and perform NULL checks or trigger missing WHERE clauses via a crafted request, as demonstrated by certain "[nil]" values, a related issue to CVE-2012-2660, CVE-2012-2694, and CVE-2013-0155. Rails 7.5
2016-09-07 CVE-2016-6316 Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in Action View in Ruby on Rails 3.x before, 4.x before, and 5.x before might allow remote attackers to inject arbitrary web script or HTML via text declared as "HTML safe" and used as attribute values in tag handlers. Debian_linux, Rails, Ruby_on_rails 6.1
2016-04-07 CVE-2016-2098 Action Pack in Ruby on Rails before, 4.x before, and 4.2.x before allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary Ruby code by leveraging an application's unrestricted use of the render method. Debian_linux, Rails, Ruby_on_rails 7.3
2016-04-07 CVE-2016-2097 Directory traversal vulnerability in Action View in Ruby on Rails before and 4.x before allows remote attackers to read arbitrary files by leveraging an application's unrestricted use of the render method and providing a .. (dot dot) in a pathname. NOTE: this vulnerability exists because of an incomplete fix for CVE-2016-0752. Rails, Ruby_on_rails 5.3
2016-02-16 CVE-2016-0753 Active Model in Ruby on Rails 4.1.x before, 4.2.x before, and 5.x before 5.0.0.beta1.1 supports the use of instance-level writers for class accessors, which allows remote attackers to bypass intended validation steps via crafted parameters. Rails, Ruby_on_rails 5.3