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#Vulnerabilities 5
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2020-05-22 CVE-2020-10711 A NULL pointer dereference flaw was found in the Linux kernel's SELinux subsystem in versions before 5.7. This flaw occurs while importing the Commercial IP Security Option (CIPSO) protocol's category bitmap into the SELinux extensible bitmap via the' ebitmap_netlbl_import' routine. While processing the CIPSO restricted bitmap tag in the 'cipso_v4_parsetag_rbm' routine, it sets the security attribute to indicate that the category bitmap is present, even if it has not been allocated. This... Debian_linux, Linux_kernel, 3scale, Enterprise_linux, Enterprise_linux_aus, Enterprise_linux_server_tus, Messaging_realtime_grid, Openstack, Virtualization_host 5.9
2021-06-01 CVE-2021-3412 It was found that all versions of 3Scale developer portal lacked brute force protections. An attacker could use this gap to bypass login controls, and access privileged information, or possibly conduct further attacks. 3scale, 3scale_api_management 7.3
2021-05-26 CVE-2020-25634 A flaw was found in Red Hat 3scale’s API docs URL, where it is accessible without credentials. This flaw allows an attacker to view sensitive information or modify service APIs. Versions before 3scale-2.10.0-ER1 are affected. 3scale, 3scale_api_management 5.4
2021-05-26 CVE-2019-14836 A vulnerability was found that the 3scale dev portal does not employ mechanisms for protection against login CSRF. An attacker could use this flaw to access unauthorized information or conduct further attacks. 3scale 8.8
2019-12-12 CVE-2019-14849 A vulnerability was found in 3scale before version 2.6, did not set the HTTPOnly attribute on the user session cookie. An attacker could use this to conduct cross site scripting attacks and gain access to unauthorized information. 3scale N/A