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#Vulnerabilities 18
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2022-08-29 CVE-2022-36033 jsoup is a Java HTML parser, built for HTML editing, cleaning, scraping, and cross-site scripting (XSS) safety. jsoup may incorrectly sanitize HTML including `javascript:` URL expressions, which could allow XSS attacks when a reader subsequently clicks that link. If the non-default `SafeList.preserveRelativeLinks` option is enabled, HTML including `javascript:` URLs that have been crafted with control characters will not be sanitized. If the site that this HTML is published on does not set a... Jsoup, Management_services_for_element_software, Management_services_for_netapp_hci, Oncommand_workflow_automation 6.1
2022-03-25 CVE-2018-25032 zlib before 1.2.12 allows memory corruption when deflating (i.e., when compressing) if the input has many distant matches. Mac_os_x, Macos, Debian_linux, Fedora, Mariadb, Active_iq_unified_manager, E\-Series_santricity_os_controller, H300s_firmware, H410c_firmware, H410s_firmware, H500s_firmware, H700s_firmware, Hci_compute_node, Management_services_for_element_software, Oncommand_workflow_automation, Ontap_select_deploy_administration_utility, Python, Zlib 7.5
2022-02-09 CVE-2022-0391 A flaw was found in Python, specifically within the urllib.parse module. This module helps break Uniform Resource Locator (URL) strings into components. The issue involves how the urlparse method does not sanitize input and allows characters like '\r' and '\n' in the URL path. This flaw allows an attacker to input a crafted URL, leading to injection attacks. This flaw affects Python versions prior to 3.10.0b1, 3.9.5, 3.8.11, 3.7.11 and 3.6.14. Fedora, Active_iq_unified_manager, Hci, Hci_compute_node, Management_services_for_element_software, Ontap_select_deploy_administration_utility, Solidfire\,_enterprise_sds_\&_hci_storage_node, Http_server, Zfs_storage_appliance_kit, Python 7.5
2022-08-05 CVE-2022-37434 zlib through 1.2.12 has a heap-based buffer over-read or buffer overflow in inflate in inflate.c via a large gzip header extra field. NOTE: only applications that call inflateGetHeader are affected. Some common applications bundle the affected zlib source code but may be unable to call inflateGetHeader (e.g., see the nodejs/node reference). Ipad_os, Iphone_os, Macos, Watchos, Debian_linux, Fedora, Active_iq_unified_manager, H300s_firmware, H500s_firmware, H700s_firmware, Hci, Hci_compute_node, Management_services_for_element_software, Oncommand_workflow_automation, Ontap_select_deploy_administration_utility, Storagegrid, Zlib 9.8
2021-10-14 CVE-2021-42340 The fix for bug 63362 present in Apache Tomcat 10.1.0-M1 to 10.1.0-M5, 10.0.0-M1 to 10.0.11, 9.0.40 to 9.0.53 and 8.5.60 to 8.5.71 introduced a memory leak. The object introduced to collect metrics for HTTP upgrade connections was not released for WebSocket connections once the connection was closed. This created a memory leak that, over time, could lead to a denial of service via an OutOfMemoryError. Tomcat, Debian_linux, Hci, Management_services_for_element_software, Agile_engineering_data_management, Big_data_spatial_and_graph, Communications_diameter_signaling_router, Hospitality_cruise_shipboard_property_management_system, Managed_file_transfer, Middleware_common_libraries_and_tools, Payment_interface, Retail_customer_insights, Retail_data_extractor_for_merchandising, Retail_eftlink, Retail_financial_integration, Retail_store_inventory_management, Sd\-Wan_edge, Taleo_platform 7.5
2021-05-27 CVE-2021-22118 In Spring Framework, versions 5.2.x prior to 5.2.15 and versions 5.3.x prior to 5.3.7, a WebFlux application is vulnerable to a privilege escalation: by (re)creating the temporary storage directory, a locally authenticated malicious user can read or modify files that have been uploaded to the WebFlux application, or overwrite arbitrary files with multipart request data. Hci, Management_services_for_element_software, Commerce_guided_search, Communications_brm_\-_elastic_charging_engine, Communications_cloud_native_core_binding_support_function, Communications_cloud_native_core_policy, Communications_cloud_native_core_security_edge_protection_proxy, Communications_cloud_native_core_service_communication_proxy, Communications_cloud_native_core_unified_data_repository, Communications_diameter_intelligence_hub, Communications_element_manager, Communications_interactive_session_recorder, Communications_network_integrity, Communications_session_report_manager, Communications_session_route_manager, Communications_unified_inventory_management, Documaker, Enterprise_data_quality, Financial_services_analytical_applications_infrastructure, Healthcare_data_repository, Insurance_policy_administration, Insurance_rules_palette, Mysql_enterprise_monitor, Retail_assortment_planning, Retail_customer_management_and_segmentation_foundation, Retail_financial_integration, Retail_integration_bus, Retail_merchandising_system, Retail_order_broker, Retail_predictive_application_server, Utilities_testing_accelerator, Spring_framework 7.8
2021-06-09 CVE-2021-28169 For Eclipse Jetty versions <= 9.4.40, <= 10.0.2, <= 11.0.2, it is possible for requests to the ConcatServlet with a doubly encoded path to access protected resources within the WEB-INF directory. For example a request to `/concat?/%2557EB-INF/web.xml` can retrieve the web.xml file. This can reveal sensitive information regarding the implementation of a web application. Debian_linux, Jetty, Active_iq_unified_manager, Hci, Management_services_for_element_software, Snap_creator_framework, Communications_cloud_native_core_policy, Rest_data_services 5.3
2022-04-27 CVE-2022-24735 Redis is an in-memory database that persists on disk. By exploiting weaknesses in the Lua script execution environment, an attacker with access to Redis prior to version 7.0.0 or 6.2.7 can inject Lua code that will execute with the (potentially higher) privileges of another Redis user. The Lua script execution environment in Redis provides some measures that prevent a script from creating side effects that persist and can affect the execution of the same, or different script, at a later... Fedora, Management_services_for_element_software, Management_services_for_netapp_hci, Communications_operations_monitor, Redis 7.8
2022-04-27 CVE-2022-24736 Redis is an in-memory database that persists on disk. Prior to versions 6.2.7 and 7.0.0, an attacker attempting to load a specially crafted Lua script can cause NULL pointer dereference which will result with a crash of the redis-server process. The problem is fixed in Redis versions 7.0.0 and 6.2.7. An additional workaround to mitigate this problem without patching the redis-server executable, if Lua scripting is not being used, is to block access to `SCRIPT LOAD` and `EVAL` commands using... Fedora, Management_services_for_element_software, Management_services_for_netapp_hci, Communications_operations_monitor, Redis 5.5
2021-10-04 CVE-2021-32626 Redis is an open source, in-memory database that persists on disk. In affected versions specially crafted Lua scripts executing in Redis can cause the heap-based Lua stack to be overflowed, due to incomplete checks for this condition. This can result with heap corruption and potentially remote code execution. This problem exists in all versions of Redis with Lua scripting support, starting from 2.6. The problem is fixed in versions 6.2.6, 6.0.16 and 5.0.14. For users unable to update an... Debian_linux, Fedora, Management_services_for_element_software, Management_services_for_netapp_hci, Communications_operations_monitor, Redis 8.8