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#Vulnerabilities 29
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2022-06-15 CVE-2022-33140 The optional ShellUserGroupProvider in Apache NiFi 1.10.0 to 1.16.2 and Apache NiFi Registry 0.6.0 to 1.16.2 does not neutralize arguments for group resolution commands, allowing injection of operating system commands on Linux and macOS platforms. The ShellUserGroupProvider is not included in the default configuration. Command injection requires ShellUserGroupProvider to be one of the enabled User Group Providers in the Authorizers configuration. Command injection also requires an... Nifi, Nifi_registry 8.8
2019-08-20 CVE-2019-10086 In Apache Commons Beanutils 1.9.2, a special BeanIntrospector class was added which allows suppressing the ability for an attacker to access the classloader via the class property available on all Java objects. We, however were not using this by default characteristic of the PropertyUtilsBean. Commons_beanutils, Nifi, Debian_linux, Fedora, Leap, Agile_plm, Agile_product_lifecycle_management_integration_pack, Application_testing_suite, Banking_platform, Blockchain_platform, Communications_billing_and_revenue_management, Communications_billing_and_revenue_management_elastic_charging_engine, Communications_cloud_native_core_console, Communications_cloud_native_core_policy, Communications_cloud_native_core_unified_data_repository, Communications_convergence, Communications_design_studio, Communications_evolved_communications_application_server, Communications_metasolv_solution, Communications_network_integrity, Communications_performance_intelligence_center, Communications_pricing_design_center, Communications_unified_inventory_management, Customer_management_and_segmentation_foundation, Enterprise_manager_for_virtualization, Financial_services_revenue_management_and_billing_analytics, Flexcube_private_banking, Fusion_middleware, Healthcare_foundation, Hospitality_opera_5, Hospitality_reporting_and_analytics, Insurance_data_gateway, Jd_edwards_enterpriseone_orchestrator, Jd_edwards_enterpriseone_tools, Peoplesoft_enterprise_peopletools, Peoplesoft_enterprise_pt_peopletools, Primavera_gateway, Real\-Time_decisions_solutions, Retail_advanced_inventory_planning, Retail_back_office, Retail_central_office, Retail_invoice_matching, Retail_merchandising_system, Retail_point\-Of\-Service, Retail_predictive_application_server, Retail_price_management, Retail_returns_management, Retail_xstore_point_of_service, Service_bus, Solaris_cluster, Time_and_labor, Utilities_framework, Weblogic_server, Enterprise_linux_desktop, Enterprise_linux_eus, Enterprise_linux_server, Enterprise_linux_server_aus, Enterprise_linux_server_tus, Enterprise_linux_workstation, Jboss_enterprise_application_platform 7.3
2021-01-19 CVE-2021-20190 A flaw was found in jackson-databind before FasterXML mishandles the interaction between serialization gadgets and typing. The highest threat from this vulnerability is to data confidentiality and integrity as well as system availability. Nifi, Debian_linux, Jackson\-Databind, Active_iq_unified_manager, Oncommand_api_services, Oncommand_insight, Service_level_manager, Commerce_guided_search_and_experience_manager 8.1
2022-04-30 CVE-2022-29265 Multiple components in Apache NiFi 0.0.1 to 1.16.0 do not restrict XML External Entity references in the default configuration. The Standard Content Viewer service attempts to resolve XML External Entity references when viewing formatted XML files. The following Processors attempt to resolve XML External Entity references when configured with default property values: - EvaluateXPath - EvaluateXQuery - ValidateXml Apache NiFi flow configurations that include these Processors are vulnerable to... Nifi 7.5
2020-10-01 CVE-2020-9491 In Apache NiFi 1.2.0 to 1.11.4, the NiFi UI and API were protected by mandating TLS v1.2, as well as listening connections established by processors like ListenHTTP, HandleHttpRequest, etc. However intracluster communication such as cluster request replication, Site-to-Site, and load balanced queues continued to support TLS v1.0 or v1.1. Nifi 7.5
2022-04-06 CVE-2022-26850 When creating or updating credentials for single-user access, Apache NiFi wrote a copy of the Login Identity Providers configuration to the operating system temporary directory. On most platforms, the operating system temporary directory has global read permissions. NiFi immediately moved the temporary file to the final configuration directory, which significantly limited the window of opportunity for access. NiFi 1.16.0 includes updates to replace the Login Identity Providers configuration... Nifi 4.3
2020-01-28 CVE-2020-1928 An information disclosure vulnerability was found in Apache NiFi 1.10.0. The sensitive parameter parser would log parsed values for debugging purposes. This would expose literal values entered in a sensitive property when no parameter was present. Nifi 5.3
2021-12-17 CVE-2021-44145 In the TransformXML processor of Apache NiFi before 1.15.1 an authenticated user could configure an XSLT file which, if it included malicious external entity calls, may reveal sensitive information. Nifi 6.5
2021-02-26 CVE-2020-27223 In Eclipse Jetty 9.4.6.v20170531 to 9.4.36.v20210114 (inclusive), 10.0.0, and 11.0.0 when Jetty handles a request containing multiple Accept headers with a large number of “quality” (i.e. q) parameters, the server may enter a denial of service (DoS) state due to high CPU usage processing those quality values, resulting in minutes of CPU time exhausted processing those quality values. Nifi, Solr, Spark, Debian_linux, Jetty, E\-Series_santricity_os_controller, E\-Series_santricity_web_services, Element_plug\-In_for_vcenter_server, Hci, Hci_management_node, Management_services_for_element_software, Snap_creator_framework, Snapcenter, Snapmanager, Solidfire, Rest_data_services 5.3
2020-02-11 CVE-2020-1942 In Apache NiFi 0.0.1 to 1.11.0, the flow fingerprint factory generated flow fingerprints which included sensitive property descriptor values. In the event a node attempted to join a cluster and the cluster flow was not inheritable, the flow fingerprint of both the cluster and local flow was printed, potentially containing sensitive values in plaintext. Nifi 7.5