#Vulnerabilities 6
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2011-12-25 CVE-2011-4862 Buffer overflow in libtelnet/encrypt.c in telnetd in FreeBSD 7.3 through 9.0, MIT Kerberos Version 5 Applications (aka krb5-appl) 1.0.2 and earlier, Heimdal 1.5.1 and earlier, GNU inetutils, and possibly other products allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a long encryption key, as exploited in the wild in December 2011. Debian_linux, Fedora, Freebsd, Inetutils, Heimdal, Krb5\-Appl, Opensuse, Linux_enterprise_desktop, Linux_enterprise_server, Linux_enterprise_software_development_kit N/A
2004-07-07 CVE-2004-0434 k5admind (kadmind) for Heimdal allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a Kerberos 4 compatibility administration request whose framing length is less than 2, which leads to a heap-based buffer overflow. Debian_linux, Heimdal N/A
2017-07-13 CVE-2017-11103 Heimdal before 7.4 allows remote attackers to impersonate services with Orpheus' Lyre attacks because it obtains service-principal names in a way that violates the Kerberos 5 protocol specification. In _krb5_extract_ticket() the KDC-REP service name must be obtained from the encrypted version stored in 'enc_part' instead of the unencrypted version stored in 'ticket'. Use of the unencrypted version provides an opportunity for successful server impersonation and other attacks. NOTE: this CVE... Iphone_os, Mac_os_x, Debian_linux, Freebsd, Heimdal, Samba N/A
2019-07-31 CVE-2018-16860 A flaw was found in samba's Heimdal KDC implementation, versions 4.8.x up to, excluding 4.8.12, 4.9.x up to, excluding 4.9.8 and 4.10.x up to, excluding 4.10.3, when used in AD DC mode. A man in the middle attacker could use this flaw to intercept the request to the KDC and replace the user name (principal) in the request with any desired user name (principal) that exists in the KDC effectively obtaining a ticket for that principal. Heimdal, Samba 7.5
2019-05-15 CVE-2019-12098 In the client side of Heimdal before 7.6.0, failure to verify anonymous PKINIT PA-PKINIT-KX key exchange permits a man-in-the-middle attack. This issue is in krb5_init_creds_step in lib/krb5/init_creds_pw.c. Heimdal 7.4
2017-12-06 CVE-2017-17439 In Heimdal through 7.4, remote unauthenticated attackers are able to crash the KDC by sending a crafted UDP packet containing empty data fields for client name or realm. The parser would unconditionally dereference NULL pointers in that case, leading to a segmentation fault. This is related to the _kdc_as_rep function in kdc/kerberos5.c and the der_length_visible_string function in lib/asn1/der_length.c. Debian_linux, Heimdal 7.5