Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2020-04-08 CVE-2020-11653 An issue was discovered in Varnish Cache before 6.0.6 LTS, 6.1.x and 6.2.x before 6.2.3, and 6.3.x before 6.3.2. It occurs when communication with a TLS termination proxy uses PROXY version 2. There can be an assertion failure and daemon restart, which causes a performance loss. Debian_linux, Backports_sle, Leap, Varnish_cache, Varnish_cache 7.5
2020-08-29 CVE-2020-24972 The Kleopatra component before 3.1.12 (and before 20.07.80) for GnuPG allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code because openpgp4fpr: URLs are supported without safe handling of command-line options. The Qt platformpluginpath command-line option can be used to load an arbitrary DLL. Fedora, Kleopatra, Backports_sle, Leap 8.8
2020-09-25 CVE-2019-11556 Pagure before 5.6 allows XSS via the templates/blame.html blame view. Backports_sle, Leap, Pagure 6.1
2020-10-14 CVE-2020-15229 Singularity (an open source container platform) from version 3.1.1 through 3.6.3 has a vulnerability. Due to insecure handling of path traversal and the lack of path sanitization within `unsquashfs`, it is possible to overwrite/create any files on the host filesystem during the extraction with a crafted squashfs filesystem. The extraction occurs automatically for unprivileged (either installation or with `allow setuid = no`) run of Singularity when a user attempt to run an image which is a... Backports_sle, Leap, Singularity 9.3
2020-01-24 CVE-2019-3692 The packaging of inn on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11; openSUSE Factory, Leap 15.1 allows local attackers to escalate from user inn to root via symlink attacks. This issue affects: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 inn version 2.4.2- and prior versions. openSUSE Factory inn version 2.6.2-2.2 and prior versions. openSUSE Leap 15.1 inn version 2.5.4-lp151.2.47 and prior versions. Backports_sle, Leap, Inn 7.8
2020-03-22 CVE-2020-10804 In phpMyAdmin 4.x before 4.9.5 and 5.x before 5.0.2, a SQL injection vulnerability was found in retrieval of the current username (in libraries/classes/Server/Privileges.php and libraries/classes/UserPassword.php). A malicious user with access to the server could create a crafted username, and then trick the victim into performing specific actions with that user account (such as editing its privileges). Fedora, Backports_sle, Leap, Phpmyadmin, Package_hub 8.0
2020-03-22 CVE-2020-10802 In phpMyAdmin 4.x before 4.9.5 and 5.x before 5.0.2, a SQL injection vulnerability has been discovered where certain parameters are not properly escaped when generating certain queries for search actions in libraries/classes/Controllers/Table/TableSearchController.php. An attacker can generate a crafted database or table name. The attack can be performed if a user attempts certain search operations on the malicious database or table. Debian_linux, Fedora, Backports_sle, Leap, Phpmyadmin, Package_hub 8.0
2020-03-22 CVE-2020-10803 In phpMyAdmin 4.x before 4.9.5 and 5.x before 5.0.2, a SQL injection vulnerability was discovered where malicious code could be used to trigger an XSS attack through retrieving and displaying results (in tbl_get_field.php and libraries/classes/Display/Results.php). The attacker must be able to insert crafted data into certain database tables, which when retrieved (for instance, through the Browse tab) can trigger the XSS attack. Debian_linux, Fedora, Backports_sle, Leap, Phpmyadmin, Package_hub 5.4
2020-04-24 CVE-2020-12137 GNU Mailman 2.x before 2.1.30 uses the .obj extension for scrubbed application/octet-stream MIME parts. This behavior may contribute to XSS attacks against list-archive visitors, because an HTTP reply from an archive web server may lack a MIME type, and a web browser may perform MIME sniffing, conclude that the MIME type should have been text/html, and execute JavaScript code. Ubuntu_linux, Debian_linux, Fedora, Mailman, Backports_sle, Leap 6.1
2020-06-12 CVE-2020-14004 An issue was discovered in Icinga2 before v2.12.0-rc1. The prepare-dirs script (run as part of the icinga2 systemd service) executes chmod 2750 /run/icinga2/cmd. /run/icinga2 is under control of an unprivileged user by default. If /run/icinga2/cmd is a symlink, then it will by followed and arbitrary files can be changed to mode 2750 by the unprivileged icinga2 user. Icinga, Backports_sle, Leap 7.8