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#Vulnerabilities 5043
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2022-08-23 CVE-2021-3997 A flaw was found in systemd. An uncontrolled recursion in systemd-tmpfiles may lead to a denial of service at boot time when too many nested directories are created in /tmp. Fedora, Enterprise_linux, Systemd 5.5
2023-04-20 CVE-2023-2194 An out-of-bounds write vulnerability was found in the Linux kernel's SLIMpro I2C device driver. The userspace "data->block[0]" variable was not capped to a number between 0-255 and was used as the size of a memcpy, possibly writing beyond the end of dma_buffer. This flaw could allow a local privileged user to crash the system or potentially achieve code execution. Fedora, Linux_kernel, Enterprise_linux 6.7
2022-10-21 CVE-2022-37454 The Keccak XKCP SHA-3 reference implementation before fdc6fef has an integer overflow and resultant buffer overflow that allows attackers to execute arbitrary code or eliminate expected cryptographic properties. This occurs in the sponge function interface. Debian_linux, Extended_keccak_code_package, Fedora, Php, Pypy, Pysha3, Python, Sha3 9.8
2023-01-10 CVE-2023-21538 .NET Denial of Service Vulnerability Fedora, \.net, Powershell 7.5
2023-03-03 CVE-2022-41862 In PostgreSQL, a modified, unauthenticated server can send an unterminated string during the establishment of Kerberos transport encryption. In certain conditions a server can cause a libpq client to over-read and report an error message containing uninitialized bytes. Fedora, Postgresql, Enterprise_linux, Integration_camel_k, Integration_camel_quarkus, Integration_service_registry 3.7
2022-08-05 CVE-2022-1158 A flaw was found in KVM. When updating a guest's page table entry, vm_pgoff was improperly used as the offset to get the page's pfn. As vaddr and vm_pgoff are controllable by user-mode processes, this flaw allows unprivileged local users on the host to write outside the userspace region and potentially corrupt the kernel, resulting in a denial of service condition. Fedora, Linux_kernel, Enterprise_linux 7.8
2021-11-29 CVE-2021-3802 A vulnerability found in udisks2. This flaw allows an attacker to input a specially crafted image file/USB leading to kernel panic. The highest threat from this vulnerability is to system availability. Fedora, Enterprise_linux, Udisks 4.2
2023-03-23 CVE-2023-0056 An uncontrolled resource consumption vulnerability was discovered in HAProxy which could crash the service. This issue could allow an authenticated remote attacker to run a specially crafted malicious server in an OpenShift cluster. The biggest impact is to availability. Extra_packages_for_enterprise_linux, Fedora, Haproxy, Ceph_storage, Openshift_container_platform, Openshift_container_platform_for_ibm_linuxone, Openshift_container_platform_for_power, Openshift_container_platform_ibm_z_systems, Software_collections 6.5
2022-02-24 CVE-2021-25636 LibreOffice supports digital signatures of ODF documents and macros within documents, presenting visual aids that no alteration of the document occurred since the last signing and that the signature is valid. An Improper Certificate Validation vulnerability in LibreOffice allowed an attacker to create a digitally signed ODF document, by manipulating the documentsignatures.xml or macrosignatures.xml stream within the document to contain both "X509Data" and "KeyValue" children of the "KeyInfo"... Fedora, Libreoffice 7.5
2022-10-11 CVE-2022-3140 LibreOffice supports Office URI Schemes to enable browser integration of LibreOffice with MS SharePoint server. An additional scheme 'vnd.libreoffice.command' specific to LibreOffice was added. In the affected versions of LibreOffice links using that scheme could be constructed to call internal macros with arbitrary arguments. Which when clicked on, or activated by document events, could result in arbitrary script execution without warning. This issue affects: The Document Foundation... Debian_linux, Fedora, Libreoffice 6.3