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#Vulnerabilities 4
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2022-12-13 CVE-2022-44731 A vulnerability has been identified in SIMATIC WinCC OA V3.15 (All versions < V3.15 P038), SIMATIC WinCC OA V3.16 (All versions < V3.16 P035), SIMATIC WinCC OA V3.17 (All versions < V3.17 P024), SIMATIC WinCC OA V3.18 (All versions < V3.18 P014). The affected component allows to inject custom arguments to the Ultralight Client backend application under certain circumstances. This could allow an authenticated remote attacker to inject arbitrary parameters when starting the client via the... Simatic_wincc_oa 5.4
2019-04-17 CVE-2019-6575 A vulnerability has been identified in SIMATIC CP 443-1 OPC UA (All versions), SIMATIC ET 200SP Open Controller CPU 1515SP PC2 (incl. SIPLUS variants) (All versions < V2.7), SIMATIC HMI Comfort Outdoor Panels 7" & 15" (incl. SIPLUS variants) (All versions < V15.1 Upd 4), SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels 4" - 22" (incl. SIPLUS variants) (All versions < V15.1 Upd 4), SIMATIC HMI KTP Mobile Panels KTP400F, KTP700, KTP700F, KTP900 and KTP900F (All versions < V15.1 Upd 4), SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor (All... Opc_unified_architecture, Simatic_cp443\-1_opc_ua_firmware, Simatic_et_200_open_controller_cpu_1515sp_pc2_firmware, Simatic_hmi_comfort_outdoor_panels_firmware, Simatic_hmi_ktp_mobile_panels_ktp400f_firmware, Simatic_hmi_ktp_mobile_panels_ktp700_firmware, Simatic_hmi_ktp_mobile_panels_ktp700f_firmware, Simatic_hmi_ktp_mobile_panels_ktp900_firmware, Simatic_hmi_ktp_mobile_panels_ktp900f_firmware, Simatic_ipc_diagmonitor_firmware, Simatic_net_pc_software_firmware, Simatic_rf188c_firmware, Simatic_rf600r_firmware, Simatic_s7\-1500_firmware, Simatic_s7\-1500_software_controller, Simatic_s7\-1500f_firmware, Simatic_s7\-1500s_firmware, Simatic_s7\-1500t_firmware, Simatic_wincc_oa, Simatic_wincc_runtime_advanced, Simatic_wincc_runtime_comfort, Simatic_wincc_runtime_hsp_comfort, Simatic_wincc_runtime_mobile, Sinec\-Nms, Sinema_server, Sinumerik_opc_ua_server, Telecontrol_server_basic 7.5
2021-06-16 CVE-2021-20093 A buffer over-read vulnerability exists in Wibu-Systems CodeMeter versions < 7.21a. An unauthenticated remote attacker can exploit this issue to disclose heap memory contents or crash the CodeMeter Runtime Server. Pss_cape, Sicam_230_firmware, Simatic_information_server, Simatic_pcs_neo, Simatic_process_historian, Simatic_wincc_oa, Simit_simulation_platform, Sinec_infrastructure_network_services, Sinema_remote_connect_server, Codemeter 9.1
2021-11-14 CVE-2021-41057 In WIBU CodeMeter Runtime before 7.30a, creating a crafted CmDongles symbolic link will overwrite the linked file without checking permissions. Pss_cape, Pss_e, Pss_odms, Sicam_230, Simatic_information_server, Simatic_pcs_neo, Simatic_process_historian, Simatic_wincc_oa, Simit, Codemeter_runtime 7.1