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#Vulnerabilities 1
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2019-04-17 CVE-2019-6575 A vulnerability has been identified in SIMATIC CP 443-1 OPC UA (All versions), SIMATIC ET 200SP Open Controller CPU 1515SP PC2 (incl. SIPLUS variants) (All versions < V2.7), SIMATIC HMI Comfort Outdoor Panels 7" & 15" (incl. SIPLUS variants) (All versions < V15.1 Upd 4), SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels 4" - 22" (incl. SIPLUS variants) (All versions < V15.1 Upd 4), SIMATIC HMI KTP Mobile Panels KTP400F, KTP700, KTP700F, KTP900 and KTP900F (All versions < V15.1 Upd 4), SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor (All... Simatic_cp443\-1_opc_ua_firmware, Simatic_et_200_open_controller_cpu_1515sp_pc2_firmware, Simatic_ipc_diagmonitor_firmware, Simatic_net_pc_software_firmware, Simatic_rf188c_firmware, Simatic_rf600r_firmware, Simatic_s7\-1500_firmware, Simatic_s7\-1500_software_controller, Simatic_s7\-1500f_firmware, Simatic_s7\-1500s_firmware, Simatic_s7\-1500t_firmware, Simatic_wincc_oa, Simatic_wincc_runtime_advanced, Simatic_wincc_runtime_comfort, Simatic_wincc_runtime_hsp_comfort, Simatic_wincc_runtime_mobile, Sinec\-Nms, Sinema_server, Sinumerik_opc_ua_server, Telecontrol_server_basic 7.5