#Vulnerabilities 5
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2020-11-04 CVE-2020-28049 An issue was discovered in SDDM before 0.19.0. It incorrectly starts the X server in a way that - for a short time period - allows local unprivileged users to create a connection to the X server without providing proper authentication. A local attacker can thus access X server display contents and, for example, intercept keystrokes or access the clipboard. This is caused by a race condition during Xauthority file creation. Debian_linux, Fedora, Leap, Sddm 6.3
2018-07-17 CVE-2018-14345 An issue was discovered in SDDM through 0.17.0. If configured with ReuseSession=true, the password is not checked for users with an already existing session. Any user with access to the system D-Bus can therefore unlock any graphical session. This is related to daemon/Display.cpp and helper/backend/PamBackend.cpp. Sddm 7.5
2015-11-24 CVE-2015-0856 daemon/Greeter.cpp in sddm before 0.13.0 does not properly disable the KDE crash handler, which allows local users to gain privileges by crashing a greeter when using certain themes, as demonstrated by the plasma-workspace breeze theme. Fedora, Sddm N/A
2018-03-08 CVE-2014-7272 Simple Desktop Display Manager (SDDM) before 0.10.0 allows local users to gain root privileges because code running as root performs write operations within a user home directory, and this user may have created links in advance (exploitation requires the user to win a race condition in the ~/.Xauthority chown case, but not other cases). Fedora, Sddm 7.8
2018-03-08 CVE-2014-7271 Simple Desktop Display Manager (SDDM) before 0.10.0 allows local users to log in as user "sddm" without authentication. Fedora, Sddm 7.8