#Vulnerabilities 8
Date ID Summary Products Score Patch
2019-01-31 CVE-2019-6438 SchedMD Slurm before 17.11.13 and 18.x before 18.08.5 mishandles 32-bit systems. Leap, Slurm 9.8
2020-01-13 CVE-2019-19728 SchedMD Slurm before 18.08.9 and 19.x before 19.05.5 executes srun --uid with incorrect privileges. Leap, Slurm N/A
2020-01-13 CVE-2019-19727 SchedMD Slurm before 18.08.9 and 19.x before 19.05.5 has weak slurmdbd.conf permissions. Leap, Slurm N/A
2017-11-01 CVE-2017-15566 Insecure SPANK environment variable handling exists in SchedMD Slurm before 16.05.11, 17.x before 17.02.9, and 17.11.x before 17.11.0rc2, allowing privilege escalation to root during Prolog or Epilog execution. Slurm 7.8
2019-07-11 CVE-2019-12838 SchedMD Slurm 17.11.x, 18.08.0 through 18.08.7, and 19.05.0 allows SQL Injection. Slurm 9.8
2018-03-15 CVE-2018-7033 SchedMD Slurm before 17.02.10 and 17.11.x before 17.11.5 allows SQL Injection attacks against SlurmDBD. Debian_linux, Slurm 9.8
2018-05-30 CVE-2018-10995 SchedMD Slurm before 17.02.11 and 17.1x.x before 17.11.7 mishandles user names (aka user_name fields) and group ids (aka gid fields). Debian_linux, Slurm 5.3
2017-01-05 CVE-2016-10030 The _prolog_error function in slurmd/req.c in Slurm before 15.08.13, 16.x before 16.05.7, and 17.x before 17.02.0-pre4 has a vulnerability in how the slurmd daemon informs users of a Prolog failure on a compute node. That vulnerability could allow a user to assume control of an arbitrary file on the system. Any exploitation of this is dependent on the user being able to cause or anticipate the failure (non-zero return code) of a Prolog script that their job would run on. This issue affects... Slurm 8.1