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#Vulnerabilities 2
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2021-03-23 CVE-2021-21345 XStream is a Java library to serialize objects to XML and back again. In XStream before version 1.4.16, there is a vulnerability which may allow a remote attacker who has sufficient rights to execute commands of the host only by manipulating the processed input stream. No user is affected, who followed the recommendation to setup XStream's security framework with a whitelist limited to the minimal required types. If you rely on XStream's default blacklist of the Security Framework, you will... Debian_linux, Business_activity_monitoring, Endeca_information_discovery_studio, Xstream 9.9
2019-07-23 CVE-2019-10173 It was found that xstream API version 1.4.10 before 1.4.11 introduced a regression for a previous deserialization flaw. If the security framework has not been initialized, it may allow a remote attacker to run arbitrary shell commands when unmarshalling XML or any supported format. e.g. JSON. (regression of CVE-2013-7285) Banking_platform, Business_activity_monitoring, Communications_billing_and_revenue_management_elastic_charging_engine, Communications_diameter_signaling_router, Communications_unified_inventory_management, Endeca_information_discovery_studio, Retail_xstore_point_of_service, Utilities_framework, Webcenter_portal, Xstream 9.8