#Vulnerabilities 34
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2020-11-16 CVE-2020-26217 XStream before version 1.4.14 is vulnerable to Remote Code Execution.The vulnerability may allow a remote attacker to run arbitrary shell commands only by manipulating the processed input stream. Only users who rely on blocklists are affected. Anyone using XStream's Security Framework allowlist is not affected. The linked advisory provides code workarounds for users who cannot upgrade. The issue is fixed in version 1.4.14. Activemq, Debian_linux, Snapmanager, Banking_cash_management, Banking_corporate_lending_process_management, Banking_credit_facilities_process_management, Banking_platform, Banking_supply_chain_finance, Banking_trade_finance_process_management, Banking_virtual_account_managemen, Business_activity_monitoring, Communications_policy_management, Endeca_information_discovery_studio, Retail_xstore_point_of_service, Xstream 8.8
2019-04-22 CVE-2019-10241 In Eclipse Jetty version 9.2.26 and older, 9.3.25 and older, and 9.4.15 and older, the server is vulnerable to XSS conditions if a remote client USES a specially formatted URL against the DefaultServlet or ResourceHandler that is configured for showing a Listing of directory contents. Activemq, Drill, Debian_linux, Jetty, Flexcube_core_banking, Rest_data_services, Retail_xstore_point_of_service 6.1
2019-05-23 CVE-2019-0201 An issue is present in Apache ZooKeeper 1.0.0 to 3.4.13 and 3.5.0-alpha to 3.5.4-beta. ZooKeeper’s getACL() command doesn’t check any permission when retrieves the ACLs of the requested node and returns all information contained in the ACL Id field as plaintext string. DigestAuthenticationProvider overloads the Id field with the hash value that is used for user authentication. As a consequence, if Digest Authentication is in use, the unsalted hash value will be disclosed by getACL() request... Activemq, Drill, Zookeeper, Debian_linux, Element_software, Hci_bootstrap_os, Goldengate_stream_analytics, Siebel_core_\-_server_framework, Timesten_in\-Memory_database, Fuse 5.9
2020-09-10 CVE-2020-11998 A regression has been introduced in the commit preventing JMX re-bind. By passing an empty environment map to RMIConnectorServer, instead of the map that contains the authentication credentials, it leaves ActiveMQ open to the following attack: "A remote client could create a MBean and use it to create new MBeans from arbitrary URLs, at least if there is no security manager. In other... Activemq, Communications_diameter_signaling_router, Communications_element_manager, Communications_session_report_manager, Communications_session_route_manager, Enterprise_repository, Flexcube_private_banking 9.8
2021-01-27 CVE-2021-26117 The optional ActiveMQ LDAP login module can be configured to use anonymous access to the LDAP server. In this case, for Apache ActiveMQ Artemis prior to version 2.16.0 and Apache ActiveMQ prior to versions 5.16.1 and 5.15.14, the anonymous context is used to verify a valid users password in error, resulting in no check on the password. Activemq, Activemq_artemis, Debian_linux, Oncommand_workflow_automation, Communications_element_manager, Communications_session_report_manager, Communications_session_route_manager, Flexcube_private_banking 7.5
2021-02-08 CVE-2020-13947 An instance of a cross-site scripting vulnerability was identified to be present in the web based administration console on the message.jsp page of Apache ActiveMQ versions 5.15.12 through 5.16.0. Activemq, Communications_session_report_manager, Communications_session_route_manager 6.1
2019-03-28 CVE-2019-0222 In Apache ActiveMQ 5.0.0 - 5.15.8, unmarshalling corrupt MQTT frame can lead to broker Out of Memory exception making it unresponsive. Activemq, Debian_linux, E\-Series_santricity_web_services, Communications_diameter_signaling_router, Enterprise_manager_base_platform, Enterprise_repository, Goldengate_stream_analytics, Identity_manager_connector 7.5
2020-09-10 CVE-2020-13920 Apache ActiveMQ uses LocateRegistry.createRegistry() to create the JMX RMI registry and binds the server to the "jmxrmi" entry. It is possible to connect to the registry without authentication and call the rebind method to rebind jmxrmi to something else. If an attacker creates another server to proxy the original, and bound that, he effectively becomes a man in the middle and is able to intercept the credentials when an user connects. Upgrade to Apache ActiveMQ 5.15.12. Activemq, Debian_linux, Communications_diameter_signaling_router, Flexcube_private_banking 5.9
2020-05-14 CVE-2020-1941 In Apache ActiveMQ 5.0.0 to 5.15.11, the webconsole admin GUI is open to XSS, in the view that lists the contents of a queue. Activemq, Communications_diameter_signaling_router, Communications_element_manager, Communications_session_report_manager, Communications_session_route_manager, Enterprise_repository, Flexcube_private_banking 6.1
2018-09-10 CVE-2018-11775 TLS hostname verification when using the Apache ActiveMQ Client before 5.15.6 was missing which could make the client vulnerable to a MITM attack between a Java application using the ActiveMQ client and the ActiveMQ server. This is now enabled by default. Activemq, Enterprise_repository, Flexcube_private_banking 7.4