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#Vulnerabilities 168
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
1996-12-12 CVE-1999-0297 Buffer overflow in Vixie Cron library up to version 3.0 allows local users to obtain root access via a long environmental variable. Bsd_os, Freebsd, Netbsd, Vixie_cron, Linux N/A
1997-02-06 CVE-1999-0046 Buffer overflow of rlogin program using TERM environmental variable. Bsd_os, Dg_ux, Debian_linux, Ultrix, Unix, Freebsd, Hp\-Ux, Aix, Netbsd, Nextstep, Solaris, Sunos N/A
1997-07-01 CVE-1999-0628 The rwho/rwhod service is running, which exposes machine status and user information. Freebsd, Aix, Linux_kernel, Netbsd N/A
1997-07-01 CVE-1999-0074 Listening TCP ports are sequentially allocated, allowing spoofing attacks. Freebsd, Linux_kernel, Windows_nt, Netbsd N/A
1997-12-10 CVE-1999-0017 FTP servers can allow an attacker to connect to arbitrary ports on machines other than the FTP client, aka FTP bounce. Openlinux, Freebsd, Inet, Aix, Netbsd, Open_desktop, Openserver, Unixware, Reliant_unix, Sunos, Wu\-Ftpd N/A
1998-01-05 CVE-1999-0513 ICMP messages to broadcast addresses are allowed, allowing for a Smurf attack that can cause a denial of service. Unix, Freebsd, Hp\-Ux, Aix, Linux_kernel, Netbsd, Solaris, Sunos N/A
1998-02-01 CVE-1999-0304 mmap function in BSD allows local attackers in the kmem group to modify memory through devices. Bsd_os, Freebsd, Netbsd, Openbsd N/A
1998-05-21 CVE-1999-0303 Buffer overflow in BNU UUCP daemon (uucpd) through long hostnames. Osf_1, Netbsd, Openbsd, Solaris, Sunos N/A
1999-02-17 CVE-1999-0396 A race condition between the select() and accept() calls in NetBSD TCP servers allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service. Netbsd, Openbsd N/A
1999-03-17 CVE-1999-0422 In some cases, NetBSD 1.3.3 mount allows local users to execute programs in some file systems that have the "noexec" flag set. Netbsd N/A