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#Vulnerabilities 290
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2000-07-07 CVE-2000-0573 The lreply function in wu-ftpd 2.6.0 and earlier does not properly cleanse an untrusted format string, which allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands via the SITE EXEC command. Hp\-Ux N/A
2000-02-17 CVE-2000-0159 HP Ignite-UX does not save /etc/passwd when it creates an image of a trusted system, which can set the password field to a blank and allow an attacker to gain privileges. Hp\-Ux N/A
2000-06-02 CVE-2000-0468 man in HP-UX 10.20 and 11 allows local attackers to overwrite files via a symlink attack. Hp\-Ux N/A
2000-06-07 CVE-2000-0515 The snmpd.conf configuration file for the SNMP daemon (snmpd) in HP-UX 11.0 is world writable, which allows local users to modify SNMP configuration or gain privileges. Hp\-Ux N/A
2004-09-16 CVE-2004-0809 The mod_dav module in Apache 2.0.50 and earlier allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (child process crash) via a certain sequence of LOCK requests for a location that allows WebDAV authoring access. Http_server, Debian_linux, Linux, Hp\-Ux, Secure_web_server_for_tru64, Mandrake_linux, Enterprise_linux, Enterprise_linux_desktop, Secure_linux, Turbolinux_desktop, Turbolinux_home, Turbolinux_server N/A
2005-02-09 CVE-2004-0940 Buffer overflow in the get_tag function in mod_include for Apache 1.3.x to 1.3.32 allows local users who can create SSI documents to execute arbitrary code as the apache user via SSI (XSSI) documents that trigger a length calculation error. Http_server, Hp\-Ux, Openpkg, Slackware_linux, Suse_linux, Secure_linux N/A
2016-07-19 CVE-2016-2775 ISC BIND 9.x before 9.9.9-P2, 9.10.x before 9.10.4-P2, and 9.11.x before 9.11.0b2, when lwresd or the named lwres option is enabled, allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (daemon crash) via a long request that uses the lightweight resolver protocol. Fedora, Hp\-Ux, Bind, Enterprise_linux_desktop, Enterprise_linux_eus, Enterprise_linux_server, Enterprise_linux_server_aus, Enterprise_linux_server_tus, Enterprise_linux_workstation 5.9
2023-06-16 CVE-2023-30903 HP-UX could be exploited locally to create a Denial of Service (DoS) when any physical interface is configured with IPv6/inet6. Hp\-Ux 5.5
2015-05-21 CVE-2015-4000 The TLS protocol 1.2 and earlier, when a DHE_EXPORT ciphersuite is enabled on a server but not on a client, does not properly convey a DHE_EXPORT choice, which allows man-in-the-middle attackers to conduct cipher-downgrade attacks by rewriting a ClientHello with DHE replaced by DHE_EXPORT and then rewriting a ServerHello with DHE_EXPORT replaced by DHE, aka the "Logjam" issue. Iphone_os, Mac_os_x, Safari, Ubuntu_linux, Debian_linux, Chrome, Hp\-Ux, Content_manager, Internet_explorer, Firefox, Firefox_esr, Firefox_os, Network_security_services, Seamonkey, Thunderbird, Openssl, Opera_browser, Jdk, Jre, Jrockit, Sparc\-Opl_service_processor, Linux_enterprise_desktop, Linux_enterprise_server, Linux_enterprise_software_development_kit, Suse_linux_enterprise_server 3.7
1997-08-01 CVE-1999-0524 ICMP information such as (1) netmask and (2) timestamp is allowed from arbitrary hosts. Mac_os_x, Macos, Ios, Hp\-Ux, Tru64, Aix, Os2, Linux_kernel, Windows, Netware, Solaris, Sco_unix, Irix, Bsdos N/A