#Vulnerabilities 7
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2020-05-21 CVE-2020-13114 An issue was discovered in libexif before 0.6.22. An unrestricted size in handling Canon EXIF MakerNote data could lead to consumption of large amounts of compute time for decoding EXIF data. Libexif N/A
2020-05-21 CVE-2020-13113 An issue was discovered in libexif before 0.6.22. Use of uninitialized memory in EXIF Makernote handling could lead to crashes and potential use-after-free conditions. Debian_linux, Libexif N/A
2020-05-21 CVE-2020-13112 An issue was discovered in libexif before 0.6.22. Several buffer over-reads in EXIF MakerNote handling could lead to information disclosure and crashes. This is different from CVE-2020-0093. Libexif N/A
2020-05-09 CVE-2020-12767 exif_entry_get_value in exif-entry.c in libexif 0.6.21 has a divide-by-zero error. Debian_linux, Libexif N/A
2019-02-20 CVE-2018-20030 An error when processing the EXIF_IFD_INTEROPERABILITY and EXIF_IFD_EXIF tags within libexif version 0.6.21 can be exploited to exhaust available CPU resources. Libexif 7.5
2017-09-21 CVE-2017-7544 libexif through 0.6.21 is vulnerable to out-of-bounds heap read vulnerability in exif_data_save_data_entry function in libexif/exif-data.c caused by improper length computation of the allocated data of an ExifMnote entry which can cause denial-of-service or possibly information disclosure. Libexif 9.1
2018-10-31 CVE-2016-6328 A vulnerability was found in libexif. An integer overflow when parsing the MNOTE entry data of the input file. This can cause Denial-of-Service (DoS) and Information Disclosure (disclosing some critical heap chunk metadata, even other applications' private data). Libexif 8.1