#Vulnerabilities 8
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2019-02-06 CVE-2019-3820 It was discovered that the gnome-shell lock screen since version 3.15.91 did not properly restrict all contextual actions. An attacker with physical access to a locked workstation could invoke certain keyboard shortcuts, and potentially other actions. Ubuntu_linux, Gnome\-Shell, Leap 4.3
2020-08-11 CVE-2020-17489 An issue was discovered in certain configurations of GNOME gnome-shell through 3.36.4. When logging out of an account, the password box from the login dialog reappears with the password still visible. If the user had decided to have the password shown in cleartext at login time, it is then visible for a brief moment upon a logout. (If the password were never shown in cleartext, only the password length is revealed.) Ubuntu_linux, Debian_linux, Gnome\-Shell, Leap 4.3
2017-04-26 CVE-2017-8288 gnome-shell 3.22 through 3.24.1 mishandles extensions that fail to reload, which can lead to leaving extensions enabled in the lock screen. With these extensions, a bystander could launch applications (but not interact with them), see information from the extensions (e.g., what applications you have opened or what music you were playing), or even execute arbitrary commands. It all depends on what extensions a user has enabled. The problem is caused by lack of exception handling in... Gnome\-Shell 8.1
2014-12-25 CVE-2014-7300 GNOME Shell 3.14.x before 3.14.1, when the Screen Lock feature is used, does not limit the aggregate memory consumption of all active PrtSc requests, which allows physically proximate attackers to execute arbitrary commands on an unattended workstation by making many PrtSc requests and leveraging a temporary lock outage, and the resulting temporary shell availability, caused by the Linux kernel OOM killer. Gnome\-Shell, Enterprise_linux_desktop, Enterprise_linux_hpc_node, Enterprise_linux_server, Enterprise_linux_workstation N/A
2014-04-29 CVE-2013-7221 The automatic screen lock functionality in GNOME Shell (aka gnome-shell) before 3.10 does not prevent access to the "Enter a Command" dialog, which allows physically proximate attackers to execute arbitrary commands by leveraging an unattended workstation. Gnome\-Shell N/A
2014-04-29 CVE-2013-7220 js/ui/screenShield.js in GNOME Shell (aka gnome-shell) before 3.8 allows physically proximate attackers to execute arbitrary commands by leveraging an unattended workstation with the keyboard focus on the Activities search. Gnome\-Shell N/A
2012-10-01 CVE-2012-4427 The gnome-shell plugin 3.4.1 in GNOME allows remote attackers to force the download and installation of arbitrary extensions from via a crafted web page. Gnome\-Shell N/A
2010-11-05 CVE-2010-4000 gnome-shell in GNOME Shell 2.31.5 places a zero-length directory name in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH, which allows local users to gain privileges via a Trojan horse shared library in the current working directory. Gnome\-Shell N/A