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#Vulnerabilities 3
Date ID Summary Products Score Patch
2008-10-20 CVE-2008-4609 The TCP implementation in (1) Linux, (2) platforms based on BSD Unix, (3) Microsoft Windows, (4) Cisco products, and probably other operating systems allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (connection queue exhaustion) via multiple vectors that manipulate information in the TCP state table, as demonstrated by sockstress. Bsd, Bsd_os, Ios, Dragonflybsd, Freebsd, Linux_kernel, Windows_2000, Windows_2003_server, Windows_286, Windows_386, Windows_95, Windows_98, Windows_98se, Windows_9x, Windows_ce, Windows_me, Windows_mobile, Windows_nt, Windows_server_2008, Windows_vista, Windows_xp, Midnightbsd, Netbsd, Netbsd_current, Openbsd, Trustedbsd N/A
2006-11-21 CVE-2006-6013 Integer signedness error in the fw_ioctl (FW_IOCTL) function in the FireWire (IEEE-1394) drivers (dev/firewire/fwdev.c) in various BSD kernels, including DragonFlyBSD, FreeBSD 5.5, MidnightBSD 0.1-CURRENT before 20061115, NetBSD-current before 20061116, NetBSD-4 before 20061203, and TrustedBSD, allows local users to read arbitrary memory contents via certain negative values of crom_buf->len in an FW_GCROM command. NOTE: this issue has been labeled as an integer overflow, but it is more like... Dragonflybsd, Freebsd, Midnightbsd, Netbsd, Trustedbsd N/A
2005-05-02 CVE-2005-0708 The sendfile system call in FreeBSD 4.8 through 4.11 and 5 through 5.4 can transfer portions of kernel memory if a file is truncated while it is being sent, which could allow remote attackers to obtain sensitive information. Dragonflybsd, Freebsd N/A