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#Vulnerabilities 107
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2018-01-04 CVE-2017-5753 Systems with microprocessors utilizing speculative execution and branch prediction may allow unauthorized disclosure of information to an attacker with local user access via a side-channel analysis. Cortex\-A12_firmware, Cortex\-A15_firmware, Cortex\-A17_firmware, Cortex\-A57_firmware, Cortex\-A72_firmware, Cortex\-A73_firmware, Cortex\-A75_firmware, Cortex\-A76_firmware, Cortex\-A77_firmware, Cortex\-A78_firmware, Cortex\-A78ae_firmware, Cortex\-A8_firmware, Cortex\-A9_firmware, Cortex\-R7_firmware, Cortex\-R8_firmware, Cortex\-X1_firmware, Neoverse_n1_firmware, Neoverse_n2_firmware, Ubuntu_linux, Debian_linux, Atom_c, Atom_e, Atom_x3, Atom_x5\-E3930, Atom_x5\-E3940, Atom_x7\-E3950, Atom_z, Celeron_j, Celeron_n, Core_i3, Core_i5, Core_i7, Core_m, Core_m3, Core_m5, Core_m7, Pentium_j, Pentium_n, Xeon, Xeon_bronze_3104, Xeon_bronze_3106, Xeon_e3, Xeon_e3_1105c_v2, Xeon_e3_1125c, Xeon_e3_1125c_v2, Xeon_e3_1220, Xeon_e3_12201, Xeon_e3_12201_v2, Xeon_e3_1220_v2, Xeon_e3_1220_v3, Xeon_e3_1220_v5, Xeon_e3_1220_v6, Xeon_e3_1220l_v3, Xeon_e3_1225, Xeon_e3_1225_v2, Xeon_e3_1225_v3, Xeon_e3_1225_v5, Xeon_e3_1225_v6, Xeon_e3_1226_v3, Xeon_e3_1230, Xeon_e3_1230_v2, Xeon_e3_1230_v3, Xeon_e3_1230_v5, Xeon_e3_1230_v6, Xeon_e3_1230l_v3, Xeon_e3_1231_v3, Xeon_e3_1235, Xeon_e3_1235l_v5, Xeon_e3_1240, Xeon_e3_1240_v2, Xeon_e3_1240_v3, Xeon_e3_1240_v5, Xeon_e3_1240_v6, Xeon_e3_1240l_v3, Xeon_e3_1240l_v5, Xeon_e3_1241_v3, Xeon_e3_1245, Xeon_e3_1245_v2, Xeon_e3_1245_v3, Xeon_e3_1245_v5, Xeon_e3_1245_v6, Xeon_e3_1246_v3, Xeon_e3_1258l_v4, Xeon_e3_1260l, Xeon_e3_1260l_v5, Xeon_e3_1265l_v2, Xeon_e3_1265l_v3, Xeon_e3_1265l_v4, Xeon_e3_1268l_v3, Xeon_e3_1268l_v5, Xeon_e3_1270, Xeon_e3_1270_v2, Xeon_e3_1270_v3, Xeon_e3_1270_v5, Xeon_e3_1270_v6, Xeon_e3_1271_v3, Xeon_e3_1275, Xeon_e3_1275_v2, Xeon_e3_1275_v3, Xeon_e3_1275_v5, Xeon_e3_1275_v6, Xeon_e3_1275l_v3, Xeon_e3_1276_v3, Xeon_e3_1278l_v4, Xeon_e3_1280, Xeon_e3_1280_v2, Xeon_e3_1280_v3, Xeon_e3_1280_v5, Xeon_e3_1280_v6, Xeon_e3_1281_v3, Xeon_e3_1285_v3, Xeon_e3_1285_v4, Xeon_e3_1285_v6, Xeon_e3_1285l_v3, Xeon_e3_1285l_v4, Xeon_e3_1286_v3, Xeon_e3_1286l_v3, Xeon_e3_1290, Xeon_e3_1290_v2, Xeon_e3_1501l_v6, Xeon_e3_1501m_v6, Xeon_e3_1505l_v5, Xeon_e3_1505l_v6, Xeon_e3_1505m_v5, Xeon_e5, Xeon_e5_1428l, Xeon_e5_1428l_v2, Xeon_e5_1428l_v3, Xeon_e5_1620, Xeon_e5_1620_v2, Xeon_e5_1620_v3, Xeon_e5_1620_v4, Xeon_e5_1630_v3, Xeon_e5_1630_v4, Xeon_e5_1650, Xeon_e5_1650_v2, Xeon_e5_1650_v3, Xeon_e5_1650_v4, Xeon_e5_1660, Xeon_e5_1660_v2, Xeon_e5_1660_v3, Xeon_e5_1660_v4, Xeon_e5_1680_v3, Xeon_e5_1680_v4, Xeon_e5_2403, Xeon_e5_2403_v2, Xeon_e5_2407, Xeon_e5_2407_v2, Xeon_e5_2408l_v3, Xeon_e5_2418l, Xeon_e5_2418l_v2, Xeon_e5_2418l_v3, Xeon_e5_2420, Xeon_e5_2420_v2, Xeon_e5_2428l, Xeon_e5_2428l_v2, Xeon_e5_2428l_v3, Xeon_e5_2430, Xeon_e5_2430_v2, Xeon_e5_2430l, Xeon_e5_2430l_v2, Xeon_e5_2438l_v3, Xeon_e5_2440, Xeon_e5_2440_v2, Xeon_e5_2448l, Xeon_e5_2448l_v2, Xeon_e5_2450, Xeon_e5_2450_v2, Xeon_e5_2450l, Xeon_e5_2450l_v2, Xeon_e5_2470, Xeon_e5_2470_v2, Xeon_e5_2603, Xeon_e5_2603_v2, Xeon_e5_2603_v3, Xeon_e5_2603_v4, Xeon_e5_2608l_v3, Xeon_e5_2608l_v4, Xeon_e5_2609, Xeon_e5_2609_v2, Xeon_e5_2609_v3, Xeon_e5_2609_v4, Xeon_e5_2618l_v2, Xeon_e5_2618l_v3, Xeon_e5_2618l_v4, Xeon_e5_2620, Xeon_e5_2620_v2, Xeon_e5_2620_v3, Xeon_e5_2620_v4, Xeon_e5_2623_v3, Xeon_e5_2623_v4, Xeon_e5_2628l_v2, Xeon_e5_2628l_v3, Xeon_e5_2628l_v4, Xeon_e5_2630, Xeon_e5_2630_v2, Xeon_e5_2630_v3, Xeon_e5_2630_v4, Xeon_e5_2630l, Xeon_e5_2630l_v2, Xeon_e5_2630l_v3, Xeon_e5_2630l_v4, Xeon_e5_2637, Xeon_e5_2637_v2, Xeon_e5_2637_v3, Xeon_e5_2637_v4, Xeon_e5_2640, Xeon_e5_2640_v2, Xeon_e5_2640_v3, Xeon_e5_2640_v4, Xeon_e5_2643, Xeon_e5_2643_v2, Xeon_e5_2643_v3, Xeon_e5_2643_v4, Xeon_e5_2648l, Xeon_e5_2648l_v2, Xeon_e5_2648l_v3, Xeon_e5_2648l_v4, Xeon_e5_2650, Xeon_e5_2650_v2, Xeon_e5_2650_v3, Xeon_e5_2650_v4, Xeon_e5_2650l, Xeon_e5_2650l_v2, Xeon_e5_2650l_v3, Xeon_e7, Xeon_e\-1105c, Xeon_gold, Xeon_phi, Xeon_platinum, Xeon_silver, Hci, Solidfire, Leap, Local_service_management_system, Solaris, Btc12_firmware, Btc14_firmware, Visunet_rm_shell, Bl2_bpc_1000_firmware, Bl2_bpc_2000_firmware, Bl2_bpc_7000_firmware, Bl2_ppc_1000_firmware, Bl2_ppc_2000_firmware, Bl2_ppc_7000_firmware, Bl_bpc_2000_firmware, Bl_bpc_2001_firmware, Bl_bpc_3000_firmware, Bl_bpc_3001_firmware, Bl_bpc_7000_firmware, Bl_bpc_7001_firmware, Bl_ppc12_1000_firmware, Bl_ppc15_1000_firmware, Bl_ppc15_3000_firmware, Bl_ppc15_7000_firmware, Bl_ppc17_1000_firmware, Bl_ppc17_3000_firmware, Bl_ppc17_7000_firmware, Bl_ppc_1000_firmware, Bl_ppc_7000_firmware, Bl_rackmount_2u_firmware, Bl_rackmount_4u_firmware, Dl_ppc15_1000_firmware, Dl_ppc15m_7000_firmware, Dl_ppc18\.5m_7000_firmware, Dl_ppc21\.5m_7000_firmware, El_ppc_1000\/m_firmware, El_ppc_1000\/wt_firmware, El_ppc_1000_firmware, Valueline_ipc_firmware, Vl2_bpc_1000_firmware, Vl2_bpc_2000_firmware, Vl2_bpc_3000_firmware, Vl2_bpc_7000_firmware, Vl2_bpc_9000_firmware, Vl2_ppc12_1000_firmware, Vl2_ppc7_1000_firmware, Vl2_ppc9_1000_firmware, Vl2_ppc_1000_firmware, Vl2_ppc_2000_firmware, Vl2_ppc_3000_firmware, Vl2_ppc_7000_firmware, Vl2_ppc_9000_firmware, Vl_bpc_1000_firmware, Vl_bpc_2000_firmware, Vl_bpc_3000_firmware, Vl_ipc_p7000_firmware, Vl_ppc_2000_firmware, Vl_ppc_3000_firmware, Simatic_itc1500_firmware, Simatic_itc1500_pro_firmware, Simatic_itc1900_firmware, Simatic_itc1900_pro_firmware, Simatic_itc2200_firmware, Simatic_itc2200_pro_firmware, Simatic_winac_rtx_\(F\)_2010_firmware, Suse_linux_enterprise_desktop, Suse_linux_enterprise_server, Suse_linux_enterprise_software_development_kit, Diskstation_manager, Router_manager, Skynas, Virtual_machine_manager, Vs360hd_firmware, Vs960hd_firmware, Esxi, Fusion, Workstation 5.6
2016-08-08 CVE-2016-5330 Untrusted search path vulnerability in the HGFS (aka Shared Folders) feature in VMware Tools 10.0.5 in VMware ESXi 5.0 through 6.0, VMware Workstation Pro 12.1.x before 12.1.1, VMware Workstation Player 12.1.x before 12.1.1, and VMware Fusion 8.1.x before 8.1.1 allows local users to gain privileges via a Trojan horse DLL in the current working directory. Esxi, Fusion, Tools, Workstation_player, Workstation_pro 7.8
2021-09-15 CVE-2020-3960 VMware ESXi (6.7 before ESXi670-202006401-SG and 6.5 before ESXi650-202005401-SG), Workstation (15.x before 15.5.5), and Fusion (11.x before 11.5.5) contain an out-of-bounds read vulnerability in NVMe functionality. A malicious actor with local non-administrative access to a virtual machine with a virtual NVMe controller present may be able to read privileged information contained in physical memory. Fusion, Vsphere_esxi, Workstation 8.4
2020-03-17 CVE-2020-3950 VMware Fusion (11.x before 11.5.2), VMware Remote Console for Mac (11.x and prior before 11.0.1) and Horizon Client for Mac (5.x and prior before 5.4.0) contain a privilege escalation vulnerability due to improper use of setuid binaries. Successful exploitation of this issue may allow attackers with normal user privileges to escalate their privileges to root on the system where Fusion, VMRC or Horizon Client is installed. Fusion, Horizon_client, Remote_console 7.8
2020-05-29 CVE-2020-3957 VMware Fusion (11.x before 11.5.5), VMware Remote Console for Mac (11.x and prior) and VMware Horizon Client for Mac (5.x and prior) contain a local privilege escalation vulnerability due to a Time-of-check Time-of-use (TOCTOU) issue in the service opener. Successful exploitation of this issue may allow attackers with normal user privileges to escalate their privileges to root on the system where Fusion, VMRC and Horizon Client are installed. Fusion, Horizon_client, Remote_console 7.0
2020-07-10 CVE-2020-3974 VMware Fusion (11.x before 11.5.5), VMware Remote Console for Mac (11.x and prior before 11.2.0 ) and Horizon Client for Mac (5.x and prior before 5.4.3) contain a privilege escalation vulnerability due to improper XPC Client validation. Successful exploitation of this issue may allow attackers with normal user privileges to escalate their privileges to root on the system where Fusion, VMware Remote Console for Mac or Horizon Client for Mac is installed. Fusion, Horizon_client, Remote_console 7.8
2019-04-01 CVE-2019-5514 VMware VMware Fusion (11.x before 11.0.3) contains a security vulnerability due to certain unauthenticated APIs accessible through a web socket. An attacker may exploit this issue by tricking the host user to execute a JavaScript to perform unauthorized functions on the guest machine where VMware Tools is installed. This may further be exploited to execute commands on the guest machines. Fusion 8.8
2019-10-10 CVE-2019-5535 VMware Workstation and Fusion contain a network denial-of-service vulnerability due to improper handling of certain IPv6 packets. VMware has evaluated the severity of this issue to be in the Moderate severity range with a maximum CVSSv3 base score of 4.7. Fusion, Workstation 4.7
2019-10-28 CVE-2019-5536 VMware ESXi (6.7 before ESXi670-201908101-SG and 6.5 before ESXi650-201910401-SG), Workstation (15.x before 15.5.0) and Fusion (11.x before 11.5.0) contain a denial-of-service vulnerability in the shader functionality. Successful exploitation of this issue may allow attackers with normal user privileges to create a denial-of-service condition on their own VM. Exploitation of this issue require an attacker to have access to a virtual machine with 3D graphics enabled. It is not enabled by... Esxi, Fusion, Workstation 6.5
2019-11-20 CVE-2019-5542 VMware Workstation (15.x before 15.5.1) and Fusion (11.x before 11.5.1) contain a denial-of-service vulnerability in the RPC handler. Successful exploitation of this issue may allow attackers with normal user privileges to create a denial-of-service condition on their own VM. Fusion, Workstation 7.7