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#Vulnerabilities 22
Date ID Summary Products Score Patch
2019-04-17 CVE-2019-9499 The implementations of EAP-PWD in wpa_supplicant EAP Peer, when built against a crypto library missing explicit validation on imported elements, do not validate the scalar and element values in EAP-pwd-Commit. An attacker may complete authentication, session key and control of the data connection with a client. Both hostapd with SAE support and wpa_supplicant with SAE support prior to and including version 2.4 are affected. Both hostapd with EAP-pwd support and wpa_supplicant with EAP-pwd... Debian_linux, Fedora, Freebsd, Backports_sle, Leap, Radius_server, Router_manager, Hostapd, Wpa_supplicant 8.1
2019-04-17 CVE-2019-9498 The implementations of EAP-PWD in hostapd EAP Server, when built against a crypto library missing explicit validation on imported elements, do not validate the scalar and element values in EAP-pwd-Commit. An attacker may be able to use invalid scalar/element values to complete authentication, gaining session key and network access without needing or learning the password. Both hostapd with SAE support and wpa_supplicant with SAE support prior to and including version 2.4 are affected. Both... Debian_linux, Fedora, Freebsd, Backports_sle, Leap, Radius_server, Router_manager, Hostapd, Wpa_supplicant 8.1
2019-04-09 CVE-2019-3870 A vulnerability was found in Samba from version (including) 4.9 to versions before 4.9.6 and 4.10.2. During the creation of a new Samba AD DC, files are created in a private subdirectory of the install location. This directory is typically mode 0700, that is owner (root) only access. However in some upgraded installations it will have other permissions, such as 0755, because this was the default before Samba 4.8. Within this directory, files are created with mode 0666, which is... Fedora, Samba, Active_directory_server, Diskstation_manager, Router_manager, Skynas_firmware, Vs960hd_firmware 6.1
2020-01-21 CVE-2019-14907 All samba versions 4.9.x before 4.9.18, 4.10.x before 4.10.12 and 4.11.x before 4.11.5 have an issue where if it is set with "log level = 3" (or above) then the string obtained from the client, after a failed character conversion, is printed. Such strings can be provided during the NTLMSSP authentication exchange. In the Samba AD DC in particular, this may cause a long-lived process(such as the RPC server) to terminate. (In the file server case, the most likely target, smbd, operates as... Ubuntu_linux, Fedora, Enterprise_linux, Storage, Samba, Directory_server, Diskstation_manager, Router_manager, Skynas N/A
2018-03-06 CVE-2018-7185 The protocol engine in ntp 4.2.6 before 4.2.8p11 allows a remote attackers to cause a denial of service (disruption) by continually sending a packet with a zero-origin timestamp and source IP address of the "other side" of an interleaved association causing the victim ntpd to reset its association. Ubuntu_linux, Hpux\-Ntp, Hci, Solidfire, Ntp, Fujitsu_m10\-1_firmware, Fujitsu_m10\-4_firmware, Fujitsu_m10\-4s_firmware, Fujitsu_m12\-1_firmware, Fujitsu_m12\-2_firmware, Fujitsu_m12\-2s_firmware, Diskstation_manager, Router_manager, Skynas, Virtual_diskstation_manager, Vs960hd_firmware N/A
2018-03-06 CVE-2018-7170 ntpd in ntp 4.2.x before 4.2.8p7 and 4.3.x before 4.3.92 allows authenticated users that know the private symmetric key to create arbitrarily-many ephemeral associations in order to win the clock selection of ntpd and modify a victim's clock via a Sybil attack. This issue exists because of an incomplete fix for CVE-2016-1549. Hpux\-Ntp, Hci, Solidfire, Ntp, Diskstation_manager, Router_manager, Skynas, Virtual_diskstation_manager, Vs960hd_firmware N/A
2018-01-04 CVE-2017-5753 Systems with microprocessors utilizing speculative execution and branch prediction may allow unauthorized disclosure of information to an attacker with local user access via a side-channel analysis. Cortex\-A_firmware, Cortex\-R_firmware, Ubuntu_linux, Debian_linux, Atom_c, Atom_e, Atom_x3, Atom_z, Celeron_j, Celeron_n, Core_i3, Core_i5, Core_i7, Core_m, Core_m3, Core_m5, Core_m7, Pentium_j, Pentium_n, Xeon, Xeon_bronze_3104, Xeon_bronze_3106, Xeon_e3, Xeon_e3_1105c_v2, Xeon_e3_1125c, Xeon_e3_1125c_v2, Xeon_e3_1220, Xeon_e3_12201, Xeon_e3_12201_v2, Xeon_e3_1220_v2, Xeon_e3_1220_v3, Xeon_e3_1220_v5, Xeon_e3_1220_v6, Xeon_e3_1220l_v3, Xeon_e3_1225, Xeon_e3_1225_v2, Xeon_e3_1225_v3, Xeon_e3_1225_v5, Xeon_e3_1225_v6, Xeon_e3_1226_v3, Xeon_e3_1230, Xeon_e3_1230_v2, Xeon_e3_1230_v3, Xeon_e3_1230_v5, Xeon_e3_1230_v6, Xeon_e3_1230l_v3, Xeon_e3_1231_v3, Xeon_e3_1235, Xeon_e3_1235l_v5, Xeon_e3_1240, Xeon_e3_1240_v2, Xeon_e3_1240_v3, Xeon_e3_1240_v5, Xeon_e3_1240_v6, Xeon_e3_1240l_v3, Xeon_e3_1240l_v5, Xeon_e3_1241_v3, Xeon_e3_1245, Xeon_e3_1245_v2, Xeon_e3_1245_v3, Xeon_e3_1245_v5, Xeon_e3_1245_v6, Xeon_e3_1246_v3, Xeon_e3_1258l_v4, Xeon_e3_1260l, Xeon_e3_1260l_v5, Xeon_e3_1265l_v2, Xeon_e3_1265l_v3, Xeon_e3_1265l_v4, Xeon_e3_1268l_v3, Xeon_e3_1268l_v5, Xeon_e3_1270, Xeon_e3_1270_v2, Xeon_e3_1270_v3, Xeon_e3_1270_v5, Xeon_e3_1270_v6, Xeon_e3_1271_v3, Xeon_e3_1275, Xeon_e3_1275_v2, Xeon_e3_1275_v3, Xeon_e3_1275_v5, Xeon_e3_1275_v6, Xeon_e3_1275l_v3, Xeon_e3_1276_v3, Xeon_e3_1278l_v4, Xeon_e3_1280, Xeon_e3_1280_v2, Xeon_e3_1280_v3, Xeon_e3_1280_v5, Xeon_e3_1280_v6, Xeon_e3_1281_v3, Xeon_e3_1285_v3, Xeon_e3_1285_v4, Xeon_e3_1285_v6, Xeon_e3_1285l_v3, Xeon_e3_1285l_v4, Xeon_e3_1286_v3, Xeon_e3_1286l_v3, Xeon_e3_1290, Xeon_e3_1290_v2, Xeon_e3_1501l_v6, Xeon_e3_1501m_v6, Xeon_e3_1505l_v5, Xeon_e3_1505l_v6, Xeon_e3_1505m_v5, Xeon_e5, Xeon_e5_1428l, Xeon_e5_1428l_v2, Xeon_e5_1428l_v3, Xeon_e5_1620, Xeon_e5_1620_v2, Xeon_e5_1620_v3, Xeon_e5_1620_v4, Xeon_e5_1630_v3, Xeon_e5_1630_v4, Xeon_e5_1650, Xeon_e5_1650_v2, Xeon_e5_1650_v3, Xeon_e5_1650_v4, Xeon_e5_1660, Xeon_e5_1660_v2, Xeon_e5_1660_v3, Xeon_e5_1660_v4, Xeon_e5_1680_v3, Xeon_e5_1680_v4, Xeon_e5_2403, Xeon_e5_2403_v2, Xeon_e5_2407, Xeon_e5_2407_v2, Xeon_e5_2408l_v3, Xeon_e5_2418l, Xeon_e5_2418l_v2, Xeon_e5_2418l_v3, Xeon_e5_2420, Xeon_e5_2420_v2, Xeon_e5_2428l, Xeon_e5_2428l_v2, Xeon_e5_2428l_v3, Xeon_e5_2430, Xeon_e5_2430_v2, Xeon_e5_2430l, Xeon_e5_2430l_v2, Xeon_e5_2438l_v3, Xeon_e5_2440, Xeon_e5_2440_v2, Xeon_e5_2448l, Xeon_e5_2448l_v2, Xeon_e5_2450, Xeon_e5_2450_v2, Xeon_e5_2450l, Xeon_e5_2450l_v2, Xeon_e5_2470, Xeon_e5_2470_v2, Xeon_e5_2603, Xeon_e5_2603_v2, Xeon_e5_2603_v3, Xeon_e5_2603_v4, Xeon_e5_2608l_v3, Xeon_e5_2608l_v4, Xeon_e5_2609, Xeon_e5_2609_v2, Xeon_e5_2609_v3, Xeon_e5_2609_v4, Xeon_e5_2618l_v2, Xeon_e5_2618l_v3, Xeon_e5_2618l_v4, Xeon_e5_2620, Xeon_e5_2620_v2, Xeon_e5_2620_v3, Xeon_e5_2620_v4, Xeon_e5_2623_v3, Xeon_e5_2623_v4, Xeon_e5_2628l_v2, Xeon_e5_2628l_v3, Xeon_e5_2628l_v4, Xeon_e5_2630, Xeon_e5_2630_v2, Xeon_e5_2630_v3, Xeon_e5_2630_v4, Xeon_e5_2630l, Xeon_e5_2630l_v2, Xeon_e5_2630l_v3, Xeon_e5_2630l_v4, Xeon_e5_2637, Xeon_e5_2637_v2, Xeon_e5_2637_v3, Xeon_e5_2637_v4, Xeon_e5_2640, Xeon_e5_2640_v2, Xeon_e5_2640_v3, Xeon_e5_2640_v4, Xeon_e5_2643, Xeon_e5_2643_v2, Xeon_e5_2643_v3, Xeon_e5_2643_v4, Xeon_e5_2648l, Xeon_e5_2648l_v2, Xeon_e5_2648l_v3, Xeon_e5_2648l_v4, Xeon_e5_2650, Xeon_e5_2650_v2, Xeon_e5_2650_v3, Xeon_e5_2650_v4, Xeon_e5_2650l, Xeon_e5_2650l_v2, Xeon_e5_2650l_v3, Xeon_e7, Xeon_e\-1105c, Xeon_gold, Xeon_phi, Xeon_platinum, Xeon_silver, Hci, Solidfire, Leap, Communications_local_service_management_system, Solaris, Btc12_firmware, Btc14_firmware, Visunet_rm_shell, Bl2_bpc_1000_firmware, Bl2_bpc_2000_firmware, Bl2_bpc_7000_firmware, Bl2_ppc_1000_firmware, Bl2_ppc_2000_firmware, Bl2_ppc_7000_firmware, Bl_bpc_2000_firmware, Bl_bpc_2001_firmware, Bl_bpc_3000_firmware, Bl_bpc_3001_firmware, Bl_bpc_7000_firmware, Bl_bpc_7001_firmware, Bl_ppc12_1000_firmware, Bl_ppc15_1000_firmware, Bl_ppc15_3000_firmware, Bl_ppc15_7000_firmware, Bl_ppc17_1000_firmware, Bl_ppc17_3000_firmware, Bl_ppc17_7000_firmware, Bl_ppc_1000_firmware, Bl_ppc_7000_firmware, Bl_rackmount_2u_firmware, Bl_rackmount_4u_firmware, Dl_ppc15_1000_firmware, Dl_ppc15m_7000_firmware, Dl_ppc18\.5m_7000_firmware, Dl_ppc21\.5m_7000_firmware, El_ppc_1000\/m_firmware, El_ppc_1000\/wt_firmware, El_ppc_1000_firmware, Valueline_ipc_firmware, Vl2_bpc_1000_firmware, Vl2_bpc_2000_firmware, Vl2_bpc_3000_firmware, Vl2_bpc_7000_firmware, Vl2_bpc_9000_firmware, Vl2_ppc12_1000_firmware, Vl2_ppc7_1000_firmware, Vl2_ppc9_1000_firmware, Vl2_ppc_1000_firmware, Vl2_ppc_2000_firmware, Vl2_ppc_3000_firmware, Vl2_ppc_7000_firmware, Vl2_ppc_9000_firmware, Vl_bpc_1000_firmware, Vl_bpc_2000_firmware, Vl_bpc_3000_firmware, Vl_ipc_p7000_firmware, Vl_ppc_2000_firmware, Vl_ppc_3000_firmware, Simatic_itc1500_firmware, Simatic_itc1500_pro_firmware, Simatic_itc1900_firmware, Simatic_itc1900_pro_firmware, Simatic_itc2200_firmware, Simatic_itc2200_pro_firmware, Simatic_winac_rtx_\(F\)_2010_firmware, Suse_linux_enterprise_desktop, Suse_linux_enterprise_server, Suse_linux_enterprise_software_development_kit, Diskstation_manager, Router_manager, Skynas, Virtual_machine_manager, Vs360hd_firmware, Vs960hd_firmware, Esxi, Fusion, Workstation N/A
2020-05-04 CVE-2019-11823 CRLF injection vulnerability in Network Center in Synology Router Manager (SRM) before 1.2.3-8017-2 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (out-of-bounds read and application crash) via crafted network traffic. Router_manager N/A
2020-01-21 CVE-2019-19344 There is a use-after-free issue in all samba 4.9.x versions before 4.9.18, all samba 4.10.x versions before 4.10.12 and all samba 4.11.x versions before 4.11.5, essentially due to a call to realloc() while other local variables still point at the original buffer. Ubuntu_linux, Leap, Samba, Directory_server, Diskstation_manager, Router_manager, Skynas N/A
2020-02-03 CVE-2019-9502 The Broadcom wl WiFi driver is vulnerable to a heap buffer overflow. If the vendor information element data length is larger than 164 bytes, a heap buffer overflow is triggered in wlc_wpa_plumb_gtk. In the worst case scenario, by sending specially-crafted WiFi packets, a remote, unauthenticated attacker may be able to execute arbitrary code on a vulnerable system. More typically, this vulnerability will result in denial-of-service conditions. Bcm4339_firmware, Router_manager N/A