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#Vulnerabilities 48
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2020-06-27 CVE-2020-15358 In SQLite before 3.32.3, select.c mishandles query-flattener optimization, leading to a multiSelectOrderBy heap overflow because of misuse of transitive properties for constant propagation. Icloud, Ipados, Iphone_os, Mac_os, Tvos, Watchos, Ubuntu_linux, Communications_network_charging_and_control, Enterprise_manager_ops_center, Hyperion_infrastructure_technology, Mysql, Outside_in_technology, Sqlite 5.5
2020-02-21 CVE-2020-9327 In SQLite 3.31.1, isAuxiliaryVtabOperator allows attackers to trigger a NULL pointer dereference and segmentation fault because of generated column optimizations. Sqlite 7.5
2020-06-06 CVE-2020-13871 SQLite 3.32.2 has a use-after-free in resetAccumulator in select.c because the parse tree rewrite for window functions is too late. Sqlite 7.5
2020-04-09 CVE-2020-11656 In SQLite through 3.31.1, the ALTER TABLE implementation has a use-after-free, as demonstrated by an ORDER BY clause that belongs to a compound SELECT statement. Sqlite 9.8
2020-04-09 CVE-2020-11655 SQLite through 3.31.1 allows attackers to cause a denial of service (segmentation fault) via a malformed window-function query because the AggInfo object's initialization is mishandled. Sqlite 7.5
2020-05-27 CVE-2020-13631 SQLite before 3.32.0 allows a virtual table to be renamed to the name of one of its shadow tables, related to alter.c and build.c. Fedora, Sqlite 5.5
2020-05-27 CVE-2020-13630 ext/fts3/fts3.c in SQLite before 3.32.0 has a use-after-free in fts3EvalNextRow, related to the snippet feature. Fedora, Sqlite 7.0
2020-05-24 CVE-2020-13435 SQLite through 3.32.0 has a segmentation fault in sqlite3ExprCodeTarget in expr.c. Fedora, Sqlite 5.5
2020-05-24 CVE-2020-13434 SQLite through 3.32.0 has an integer overflow in sqlite3_str_vappendf in printf.c. Debian_linux, Fedora, Sqlite 5.5
2020-01-02 CVE-2019-20218 selectExpander in select.c in SQLite 3.30.1 proceeds with WITH stack unwinding even after a parsing error. Sqlite 7.5