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#Vulnerabilities 56
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2016-09-26 CVE-2016-6153 os_unix.c in SQLite before 3.13.0 improperly implements the temporary directory search algorithm, which might allow local users to obtain sensitive information, cause a denial of service (application crash), or have unspecified other impact by leveraging use of the current working directory for temporary files. Fedora, Leap, Sqlite 5.9
2018-03-17 CVE-2018-8740 In SQLite through 3.22.0, databases whose schema is corrupted using a CREATE TABLE AS statement could cause a NULL pointer dereference, related to build.c and prepare.c. Debian_linux, Sqlite 7.5
2023-05-09 CVE-2021-31239 An issue found in SQLite SQLite3 v.3.35.4 that allows a remote attacker to cause a denial of service via the appendvfs.c function. Sqlite 7.5
2019-09-09 CVE-2019-16168 In SQLite through 3.29.0, whereLoopAddBtreeIndex in sqlite3.c can crash a browser or other application because of missing validation of a sqlite_stat1 sz field, aka a "severe division by zero in the query planner." Ubuntu_linux, Debian_linux, Fedora, Policy_auditor, Active_iq_unified_manager, E\-Series_santricity_os_controller, Oncommand_insight, Oncommand_workflow_automation, Ontap_select_deploy_administration_utility, Santricity_unified_manager, Steelstore_cloud_integrated_storage, Communications_design_studio, Jdk, Jre, Mysql, Outside_in_technology, Solaris, Zfs_storage_appliance, Sqlite, Nessus_agent 6.5
2022-12-12 CVE-2022-46908 SQLite through 3.40.0, when relying on --safe for execution of an untrusted CLI script, does not properly implement the azProhibitedFunctions protection mechanism, and instead allows UDF functions such as WRITEFILE. Sqlite 7.3
2021-08-24 CVE-2021-36690 ** DISPUTED ** A segmentation fault can occur in the sqlite3.exe command-line component of SQLite 3.36.0 via the idxGetTableInfo function when there is a crafted SQL query. NOTE: the vendor disputes the relevance of this report because a sqlite3.exe user already has full privileges (e.g., is intentionally allowed to execute commands). This report does NOT imply any problem in the SQLite library. Iphone_os, Macos, Tvos, Watchos, Zfs_storage_appliance_kit, Sqlite 7.5
2020-05-24 CVE-2020-13434 SQLite through 3.32.0 has an integer overflow in sqlite3_str_vappendf in printf.c. Icloud, Ipados, Iphone_os, Itunes, Macos, Tvos, Watchos, Ubuntu_linux, Debian_linux, Fedora, Freebsd, Communications_cloud_native_core_policy, Communications_network_charging_and_control, Outside_in_technology, Sqlite 5.5
2022-09-01 CVE-2020-35527 In SQLite 3.31.1, there is an out of bounds access problem through ALTER TABLE for views that have a nested FROM clause. Ontap_select_deploy_administration_utility, Sqlite 9.8
2022-02-14 CVE-2021-45346 ** DISPUTED ** A Memory Leak vulnerability exists in SQLite Project SQLite3 3.35.1 and 3.37.0 via maliciously crafted SQL Queries (made via editing the Database File), it is possible to query a record, and leak subsequent bytes of memory that extend beyond the record, which could let a malicious user obtain sensitive information. NOTE: The developer disputes this as a vulnerability stating that If you give SQLite a corrupted database file and submit a query against the database, it might... Ontap_select_deploy_administration_utility, Sqlite 4.3
2022-08-03 CVE-2022-35737 SQLite 1.0.12 through 3.39.x before 3.39.2 sometimes allows an array-bounds overflow if billions of bytes are used in a string argument to a C API. Ontap_select_deploy_administration_utility, Sqlite 7.5