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#Vulnerabilities 2
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2020-01-16 CVE-2019-13933 A vulnerability has been identified in SCALANCE X-200RNA switch family (All versions), SCALANCE X-300 switch family (incl. X408 and SIPLUS NET variants) (All versions < V4.1.3). Affected devices contain a vulnerability that allows an unauthenticated attacker to violate access-control rules. The vulnerability can be triggered by sending GET request to specific uniform resource locator on the web configuration interface of the device. The security vulnerability could be exploited by an... Scalance_x204rna_firmware, Scalance_x408\-2_firmware, Scalance_x\-200rna_firmware, Scalance_x\-300_firmware, Scalance_xr\-300_firmware, Scalance_xr\-300wg_firmware, Siplus_net_csm_1277_firmware N/A
2018-06-14 CVE-2018-4833 A vulnerability has been identified in RFID 181-EIP (All versions), RUGGEDCOM Win (V4.4, V4.5, V5.0, and V5.1), SCALANCE X-200 switch family (incl. SIPLUS NET variants) (All versions < V5.2.3), SCALANCE X-200IRT switch family (incl. SIPLUS NET variants) (All versions < V5.4.1), SCALANCE X-200RNA switch family (All versions < V3.2.6), SCALANCE X-300 switch family (incl. SIPLUS NET variants) (All versions < V4.1.3), SCALANCE X408 (All versions < V4.1.3), SCALANCE X414 (All versions), SIMATIC... Rfid_181\-Eip_firmware, Ruggedcom_wimax_firmware, Scalance_x200_firmware, Scalance_x200irt_firmware, Scalance_x204rna_firmware, Scalance_x300_firmware, Scalance_x408_firmware, Scalance_x414_firmware, Simatic_rf182c_firmware 8.8