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#Vulnerabilities 5
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2018-09-06 CVE-2018-5391 The Linux kernel, versions 3.9+, is vulnerable to a denial of service attack with low rates of specially modified packets targeting IP fragment re-assembly. An attacker may cause a denial of service condition by sending specially crafted IP fragments. Various vulnerabilities in IP fragmentation have been discovered and fixed over the years. The current vulnerability (CVE-2018-5391) became exploitable in the Linux kernel with the increase of the IP fragment reassembly queue size. Ubuntu_linux, Debian_linux, Big\-Ip_access_policy_manager, Big\-Ip_advanced_firewall_manager, Big\-Ip_analytics, Big\-Ip_application_acceleration_manager, Big\-Ip_application_security_manager, Big\-Ip_domain_name_system, Big\-Ip_edge_gateway, Big\-Ip_fraud_protection_service, Big\-Ip_global_traffic_manager, Big\-Ip_link_controller, Big\-Ip_local_traffic_manager, Big\-Ip_policy_enforcement_manager, Big\-Ip_webaccelerator, Linux_kernel, Windows_10, Windows_7, Windows_8\.1, Windows_rt_8\.1, Windows_server_2008, Windows_server_2012, Windows_server_2016, Enterprise_linux_desktop, Enterprise_linux_server, Enterprise_linux_server_aus, Enterprise_linux_server_eus, Enterprise_linux_server_tus, Enterprise_linux_workstation, Ruggedcom_rm1224_firmware, Ruggedcom_rox_ii_firmware, Scalance_m\-800_firmware, Scalance_s615_firmware, Scalance_sc\-600_firmware, Scalance_w1700_ieee_802\.11ac_firmware, Scalance_w700_ieee_802\.11a\/b\/g\/n_firmware, Simatic_net_cp_1242\-7_firmware, Simatic_net_cp_1243\-1_firmware, Simatic_net_cp_1243\-7_lte_eu_firmware, Simatic_net_cp_1243\-7_lte_us_firmware, Simatic_net_cp_1243\-8_irc_firmware, Simatic_net_cp_1542sp\-1_firmware, Simatic_net_cp_1542sp\-1_irc_firmware, Simatic_net_cp_1543\-1_firmware, Simatic_net_cp_1543sp\-1_firmware, Simatic_rf185c_firmware, Simatic_rf186c_firmware, Simatic_rf186ci_firmware, Simatic_rf188_firmware, Simatic_rf188ci_firmware, Sinema_remote_connect_server_firmware 7.5
2015-08-03 CVE-2015-5537 The SSL layer of the HTTPS service in Siemens RuggedCom ROS before 4.2.0 and ROX II does not properly implement CBC padding, which makes it easier for man-in-the-middle attackers to obtain cleartext data via a padding-oracle attack, a different vulnerability than CVE-2014-3566. Ruggedcom_rox_ii_firmware, Ruggedcom_rugged_operating_system N/A
2018-02-19 CVE-2018-5381 The Quagga BGP daemon (bgpd) prior to version 1.2.3 has a bug in its parsing of "Capabilities" in BGP OPEN messages, in the bgp_packet.c:bgp_capability_msg_parse function. The parser can enter an infinite loop on invalid capabilities if a Multi-Protocol capability does not have a recognized AFI/SAFI, causing a denial of service. Ubuntu_linux, Debian_linux, Quagga, Ruggedcom_rox_ii_firmware 7.5
2018-02-19 CVE-2018-5380 The Quagga BGP daemon (bgpd) prior to version 1.2.3 can overrun internal BGP code-to-string conversion tables used for debug by 1 pointer value, based on input. Ubuntu_linux, Debian_linux, Quagga, Ruggedcom_rox_ii_firmware 4.3
2018-02-19 CVE-2018-5379 The Quagga BGP daemon (bgpd) prior to version 1.2.3 can double-free memory when processing certain forms of UPDATE message, containing cluster-list and/or unknown attributes. A successful attack could cause a denial of service or potentially allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code. Ubuntu_linux, Debian_linux, Quagga, Enterprise_linux_server, Enterprise_linux_server_aus, Enterprise_linux_server_eus, Enterprise_linux_server_tus, Enterprise_linux_workstation, Ruggedcom_rox_ii_firmware 9.8