Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2020-01-05 CVE-2019-19911 There is a DoS vulnerability in Pillow before 6.2.2 caused by calling the range function on an unvalidated 32-bit integer if the number of bands is large. On Windows running 32-bit Python, this results in an OverflowError or MemoryError due to the 2 GB limit. However, on Linux running 64-bit Python this results in the process being terminated by the OOM killer. Ubuntu_linux, Debian_linux, Fedora, Pillow 7.5
2021-07-13 CVE-2021-34552 Pillow through 8.2.0 and PIL (aka Python Imaging Library) through 1.1.7 allow an attacker to pass controlled parameters directly into a convert function to trigger a buffer overflow in Convert.c. Debian_linux, Fedora, Pillow 9.8
2021-09-03 CVE-2021-23437 The package pillow 5.2.0 and before 8.3.2 are vulnerable to Regular Expression Denial of Service (ReDoS) via the getrgb function. Fedora, Pillow 7.5
2022-01-10 CVE-2022-22815 path_getbbox in path.c in Pillow before 9.0.0 improperly initializes ImagePath.Path. Debian_linux, Pillow 6.5
2022-01-10 CVE-2022-22816 path_getbbox in path.c in Pillow before 9.0.0 has a buffer over-read during initialization of ImagePath.Path. Debian_linux, Pillow 6.5
2022-01-10 CVE-2022-22817 PIL.ImageMath.eval in Pillow before 9.0.0 allows evaluation of arbitrary expressions, such as ones that use the Python exec method. A lambda expression could also be used, Debian_linux, Pillow 9.8
2022-03-28 CVE-2022-24303 Pillow before 9.0.1 allows attackers to delete files because spaces in temporary pathnames are mishandled. Fedora, Pillow 9.1
2020-01-03 CVE-2020-5310 libImaging/TiffDecode.c in Pillow before 6.2.2 has a TIFF decoding integer overflow, related to realloc. Ubuntu_linux, Fedora, Pillow 8.8
2020-01-03 CVE-2020-5313 libImaging/FliDecode.c in Pillow before 6.2.2 has an FLI buffer overflow. Ubuntu_linux, Debian_linux, Fedora, Pillow 7.1
2022-11-14 CVE-2022-45198 Pillow before 9.2.0 performs Improper Handling of Highly Compressed GIF Data (Data Amplification). Pillow 7.5