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#Vulnerabilities 4
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2023-06-22 CVE-2023-34241 OpenPrinting CUPS is a standards-based, open source printing system for Linux and other Unix-like operating systems. Starting in version 2.0.0 and prior to version 2.4.6, CUPS logs data of free memory to the logging service AFTER the connection has been closed, when it should have logged the data right before. This is a use-after-free bug that impacts the entire cupsd process. The exact cause of this issue is the function `httpClose(con->http)` being called in `scheduler/client.c`. The... Macos, Debian_linux, Fedora, Cups 7.1
2023-09-21 CVE-2023-4504 Due to failure in validating the length provided by an attacker-crafted PPD PostScript document, CUPS and libppd are susceptible to a heap-based buffer overflow and possibly code execution. This issue has been fixed in CUPS version 2.4.7, released in September of 2023. Debian_linux, Fedora, Cups, Libppd 7.0
2022-05-26 CVE-2022-26691 A logic issue was addressed with improved state management. This issue is fixed in Security Update 2022-003 Catalina, macOS Monterey 12.3, macOS Big Sur 11.6.5. An application may be able to gain elevated privileges. Cups, Mac_os_x, Macos, Debian_linux, Fedora, Cups 6.7
2023-06-01 CVE-2023-32324 OpenPrinting CUPS is an open source printing system. In versions 2.4.2 and prior, a heap buffer overflow vulnerability would allow a remote attacker to launch a denial of service (DoS) attack. A buffer overflow vulnerability in the function `format_log_line` could allow remote attackers to cause a DoS on the affected system. Exploitation of the vulnerability can be triggered when the configuration file `cupsd.conf` sets the value of `loglevel `to `DEBUG`. No known patches or workarounds... Debian_linux, Cups 5.5