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#Vulnerabilities 3
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2022-03-10 CVE-2022-26143 The TP-240 (aka tp240dvr) component in Mitel MiCollab before 9.4 SP1 FP1 and MiVoice Business Express through 8.1 allows remote attackers to obtain sensitive information and cause a denial of service (performance degradation and excessive outbound traffic). This was exploited in the wild in February and March 2022 for the TP240PhoneHome DDoS attack. Micollab, Mivoice_business_express 9.8
2022-06-17 CVE-2022-31784 A vulnerability in the management interface of MiVoice Business through 9.3 PR1 and MiVoice Business Express through 8.0 SP3 PR3 could allow an unauthenticated attacker (that has network access to the management interface) to conduct a buffer overflow attack due to insufficient validation of URL parameters. A successful exploit could allow arbitrary code execution. Mivoice_business, Mivoice_business_express 9.8
2019-11-12 CVE-2018-18819 A vulnerability in the web conference chat component of MiCollab, versions 7.3 PR6 ( and earlier, and 8.0 ( through 8.0 SP2 FP2 (, and MiVoice Business Express versions 7.3 PR3 ( and earlier, and 8.0 ( through 8.0 SP2 FP1 (, could allow creation of unauthorized chat sessions, due to insufficient access controls. A successful exploit could allow execution of arbitrary commands. Micollab, Mivoice_business_express N/A