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#Vulnerabilities 1
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2018-08-30 CVE-2018-6499 Remote Code Execution in the following products Hybrid Cloud Management Containerized Suite HCM2017.11, HCM2018.02, HCM2018.05, Operations Bridge Containerized Suite 2017.11, 2018.02, 2018.05, Data Center Automation Containerized Suite 2017.01 until 2018.05, Service Management Automation Suite 2017.11, 2018.02, 2018.05, Service Virtualization (SV) with floating licenses using Any version using APLS older than 10.7, Unified Functional Testing (UFT) with floating licenses using Any version... Data_center_automation, Hybrid_cloud_management, Network_operations_management, Network_virtualization, Operations_bridge, Service_management_automation, Service_virtualization, Unified_functional_testing 9.8