Date ID Summary Products Score Patch
2020-02-08 CVE-2012-4381 MediaWiki before 1.18.5, and 1.19.x before 1.19.2 saves passwords in the local database, (1) which could make it easier for context-dependent attackers to obtain cleartext passwords via a brute-force attack or, (2) when an authentication plugin returns a false in the strict function, could allow remote attackers to use old passwords for non-existing accounts in an external authentication system via unspecified vectors. Mediawiki N/A
2020-02-06 CVE-2013-4572 The CentralNotice extension for MediaWiki before 1.19.9, 1.20.x before 1.20.8, and 1.21.x before 1.21.3 sets the Cache-Control header to cache session cookies when a user is autocreated, which allows remote attackers to authenticate as the created user. Fedora, Mediawiki N/A
2020-01-27 CVE-2014-9481 The Scribunto extension for MediaWiki allows remote attackers to obtain the rollback token and possibly other sensitive information via a crafted module, related to unstripping special page HTML. Mediawiki N/A
2020-01-28 CVE-2013-6455 The CentralAuth extension for MediaWiki before 1.19.10, 1.2x before 1.21.4, and 1.22.x before 1.22.1 allows remote attackers to obtain usernames via vectors related to writing the names to the DOM of a page. Mediawiki N/A
2020-01-28 CVE-2013-6451 Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in MediaWiki 1.19.9 before 1.19.10, 1.2x before 1.21.4, and 1.22.x before 1.22.1 allows remote attackers to inject arbitrary web script or HTML via unspecified CSS values. Mediawiki N/A
2020-01-08 CVE-2020-6163 The WikibaseMediaInfo extension 1.35 for MediaWiki allows XSS because of improper template syntax within the PropertySuggestionsWidget template (in the templates/search/PropertySuggestionsWidget.mustache+dom file). Mediawiki N/A
2019-12-19 CVE-2019-19910 The MinervaNeue Skin in MediaWiki from 2019-11-05 to 2019-12-13 (1.35 and/or 1.34) mishandles certain HTML attributes, as demonstrated by IMG onmouseover= (impact is XSS) and IMG src=http (impact is disclosing the client's IP address). This can occur within a talk page topical header that is viewed within a mobile (MobileFrontend) context. Mediawiki N/A
2019-12-11 CVE-2019-19709 MediaWiki through 1.33.1 allows attackers to bypass the Title_blacklist protection mechanism by starting with an arbitrary title, establishing a non-resolvable redirect for the associated page, and using redirect=1 in the action API when editing that page. Mediawiki N/A
2019-12-11 CVE-2013-4303 includes/libs/IEUrlExtension.php in the MediaWiki API in MediaWiki 1.19.x before 1.19.8, 1.20.x before 1.20.7, and 1.21.x before 1.21.2 does not properly detect extensions when there are an even number of "." (period) characters in a string, which allows remote attackers to conduct cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks via the siprop parameter in a query action to wiki/api.php. Mediawiki N/A
2019-11-20 CVE-2013-1817 MediaWiki before 1.19.4 and 1.20.x before 1.20.3 contains an error in the api.php script which allows remote attackers to obtain sensitive information. Debian_linux, Fedora, Mediawiki, Enterprise_linux N/A