#Vulnerabilities 51
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2023-05-15 CVE-2023-1729 A flaw was found in LibRaw. A heap-buffer-overflow in raw2image_ex() caused by a maliciously crafted file may lead to an application crash. Fedora, Libraw, Enterprise_linux 6.5
2023-08-22 CVE-2020-22628 Buffer Overflow vulnerability in LibRaw::stretch() function in libraw\src\postprocessing\aspect_ratio.cpp. Libraw 6.5
2020-09-16 CVE-2020-24890 libraw 20.0 has a null pointer dereference vulnerability in parse_tiff_ifd in src/metadata/tiff.cpp, which may result in context-dependent arbitrary code execution. Note: this vulnerability occurs only if you compile the software in a certain way Libraw 5.5
2020-07-02 CVE-2020-15503 LibRaw before 0.20-RC1 lacks a thumbnail size range check. This affects decoders/unpack_thumb.cpp, postprocessing/mem_image.cpp, and utils/thumb_utils.cpp. For example, malloc(sizeof(libraw_processed_image_t)+T.tlength) occurs without validating T.tlength. Debian_linux, Fedora, Libraw 7.5
2023-02-17 CVE-2021-32142 Buffer Overflow vulnerability in LibRaw linux/unix v0.20.0 allows attacker to escalate privileges via the LibRaw_buffer_datastream::gets(char*, int) in /src/libraw/src/libraw_datastream.cpp. Libraw 7.8
2021-06-02 CVE-2020-24870 Libraw before 0.20.1 has a stack buffer overflow via LibRaw::identify_process_dng_fields in identify.cpp. Libraw 8.8
2020-09-16 CVE-2020-24889 A buffer overflow vulnerability in LibRaw version < 20.0 LibRaw::GetNormalizedModel in src/metadata/normalize_model.cpp may lead to context-dependent arbitrary code execution. Libraw 7.8
2022-09-01 CVE-2020-35530 In LibRaw, there is an out-of-bounds write vulnerability within the "new_node()" function (libraw\src\x3f\x3f_utils_patched.cpp) that can be triggered via a crafted X3F file. Debian_linux, Libraw 5.5
2022-09-01 CVE-2020-35531 In LibRaw, an out-of-bounds read vulnerability exists within the get_huffman_diff() function (libraw\src\x3f\x3f_utils_patched.cpp) when reading data from an image file. Debian_linux, Libraw 5.5
2022-09-01 CVE-2020-35532 In LibRaw, an out-of-bounds read vulnerability exists within the "simple_decode_row()" function (libraw\src\x3f\x3f_utils_patched.cpp) which can be triggered via an image with a large row_stride field. Debian_linux, Libraw 5.5