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#Vulnerabilities 2
Date ID Summary Products Score Patch
2018-10-29 CVE-2018-18751 An issue was discovered in GNU gettext 0.19.8. There is a double free in default_add_message in read-catalog.c, related to an invalid free in po_gram_parse in po-gram-gen.y, as demonstrated by lt-msgfmt. Ubuntu_linux, Gettext, Enterprise_linux 9.8
2005-02-09 CVE-2004-0966 The (1) autopoint and (2) gettextize scripts in the GNU gettext package 1.14 and later versions, as used in Trustix Secure Linux 1.5 through 2.1 and other operating systems, allows local users to overwrite files via a symlink attack on temporary files. Gettext, Ubuntu_linux N/A