#Vulnerabilities 38
Date ID Summary Products Score Patch
2019-11-05 CVE-2016-4983 A postinstall script in the dovecot rpm allows local users to read the contents of newly created SSL/TLS key files. Dovecot, Leap, Opensuse, Enterprise_linux N/A
2018-06-21 CVE-2017-2669 Dovecot before version 2.2.29 is vulnerable to a denial of service. When 'dict' passdb and userdb were used for user authentication, the username sent by the IMAP/POP3 client was sent through var_expand() to perform %variable expansion. Sending specially crafted %variable fields could result in excessive memory usage causing the process to crash (and restart), or excessive CPU usage causing all authentications to hang. Debian_linux, Dovecot 7.5
2018-01-25 CVE-2017-15132 A flaw was found in dovecot 2.0 up to 2.2.33 and 2.3.0. An abort of SASL authentication results in a memory leak in dovecot's auth client used by login processes. The leak has impact in high performance configuration where same login processes are reused and can cause the process to crash due to memory exhaustion. Ubuntu_linux, Debian_linux, Dovecot 7.5
2018-03-02 CVE-2017-15130 A denial of service flaw was found in dovecot before 2.2.34. An attacker able to generate random SNI server names could exploit TLS SNI configuration lookups, leading to excessive memory usage and the process to restart. Ubuntu_linux, Debian_linux, Dovecot 5.9
2019-08-29 CVE-2019-11500 In Dovecot before and 2.3.x before (and Pigeonhole before, protocol processing can fail for quoted strings. This occurs because '\0' characters are mishandled, and can lead to out-of-bounds writes and remote code execution. Debian_linux, Dovecot, Pigeonhole, Fedora 9.8
2019-04-24 CVE-2019-10691 The JSON encoder in Dovecot before allows attackers to repeatedly crash the authentication service by attempting to authenticate with an invalid UTF-8 sequence as the username. Dovecot, Leap 7.5
2019-03-28 CVE-2019-7524 In Dovecot before and 2.3.x before, a local attacker can cause a buffer overflow in the indexer-worker process, which can be used to elevate to root. This occurs because of missing checks in the fts and pop3-uidl components. Ubuntu_linux, Debian_linux, Dovecot, Leap 7.8
2019-03-27 CVE-2019-3814 It was discovered that Dovecot before versions and incorrectly handled client certificates. A remote attacker in possession of a valid certificate with an empty username field could possibly use this issue to impersonate other users. Ubuntu_linux, Dovecot, Leap 6.8
2019-05-08 CVE-2019-11499 In the IMAP Server in Dovecot 2.3.3 through, the submission-login component crashes if AUTH PLAIN is attempted over a TLS secured channel with an unacceptable authentication message. Dovecot 7.5
2019-05-08 CVE-2019-11494 In the IMAP Server in Dovecot 2.3.3 through, the submission-login service crashes when the client disconnects prematurely during the AUTH command. Dovecot 7.5