#Vulnerabilities 14
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2023-10-10 CVE-2023-44487 The HTTP/2 protocol allows a denial of service (server resource consumption) because request cancellation can reset many streams quickly, as exploited in the wild in August through October 2023. Http_server, Opensearch_data_prepper, Apisix, Solr, Tomcat, Traffic_server, Swiftnio_http\/2, Caddy, Connected_mobile_experiences, Crosswork_data_gateway, Crosswork_zero_touch_provisioning, Data_center_network_manager, Enterprise_chat_and_email, Expressway, Firepower_threat_defense, Fog_director, Ios_xe, Ios_xr, Iot_field_network_director, Nx\-Os, Prime_access_registrar, Prime_cable_provisioning, Prime_infrastructure, Prime_network_registrar, Secure_dynamic_attributes_connector, Secure_malware_analytics, Secure_web_appliance_firmware, Telepresence_video_communication_server, Ultra_cloud_core_\-_policy_control_function, Ultra_cloud_core_\-_serving_gateway_function, Ultra_cloud_core_\-_session_management_function, Unified_attendant_console_advanced, Unified_contact_center_domain_manager, Unified_contact_center_enterprise, Unified_contact_center_enterprise_\-_live_data_server, Unified_contact_center_management_portal, Debian_linux, H2o, Jetty, Envoy, Big\-Ip_access_policy_manager, Big\-Ip_advanced_firewall_manager, Big\-Ip_advanced_web_application_firewall, Big\-Ip_analytics, Big\-Ip_application_acceleration_manager, Big\-Ip_application_security_manager, Big\-Ip_application_visibility_and_reporting, Big\-Ip_carrier\-Grade_nat, Big\-Ip_ddos_hybrid_defender, Big\-Ip_domain_name_system, Big\-Ip_fraud_protection_service, Big\-Ip_global_traffic_manager, Big\-Ip_link_controller, Big\-Ip_local_traffic_manager, Big\-Ip_next, Big\-Ip_next_service_proxy_for_kubernetes, Big\-Ip_policy_enforcement_manager, Big\-Ip_ssl_orchestrator, Big\-Ip_webaccelerator, Big\-Ip_websafe, Nginx, Nginx_ingress_controller, Nginx_plus, Proxygen, Fedora, Go, Http2, Networking, Grpc, Http, Istio, Jenkins, Http2, Kong_gateway, Armeria, Linkerd, \.net, Asp\.net_core, Azure_kubernetes_service, Cbl\-Mariner, Visual_studio_2022, Windows_10_1607, Windows_10_1809, Windows_10_21h2, Windows_10_22h2, Windows_11_21h2, Windows_11_22h2, Windows_server_2016, Windows_server_2019, Windows_server_2022, Astra_control_center, Oncommand_insight, Netty, Nghttp2, Node\.js, Openresty, Contour, 3scale_api_management_platform, Advanced_cluster_management_for_kubernetes, Advanced_cluster_security, Ansible_automation_platform, Build_of_optaplanner, Build_of_quarkus, Ceph_storage, Cert\-Manager_operator_for_red_hat_openshift, Certification_for_red_hat_enterprise_linux, Cost_management, Cryostat, Decision_manager, Enterprise_linux, Fence_agents_remediation_operator, Integration_camel_for_spring_boot, Integration_camel_k, Integration_service_registry, Jboss_a\-Mq, Jboss_a\-Mq_streams, Jboss_core_services, Jboss_data_grid, Jboss_enterprise_application_platform, Jboss_fuse, Logging_subsystem_for_red_hat_openshift, Machine_deletion_remediation_operator, Migration_toolkit_for_applications, Migration_toolkit_for_containers, Migration_toolkit_for_virtualization, Network_observability_operator, Node_healthcheck_operator, Node_maintenance_operator, Openshift, Openshift_api_for_data_protection, Openshift_container_platform, Openshift_container_platform_assisted_installer, Openshift_data_science, Openshift_dev_spaces, Openshift_developer_tools_and_services, Openshift_distributed_tracing, Openshift_gitops, Openshift_pipelines, Openshift_sandboxed_containers, Openshift_secondary_scheduler_operator, Openshift_serverless, Openshift_service_mesh, Openshift_virtualization, Openstack_platform, Process_automation, Quay, Run_once_duration_override_operator, Satellite, Self_node_remediation_operator, Service_interconnect, Service_telemetry_framework, Single_sign\-On, Support_for_spring_boot, Web_terminal, Traefik, Varnish_cache 7.5
2023-12-12 CVE-2023-41337 h2o is an HTTP server with support for HTTP/1.x, HTTP/2 and HTTP/3. In version 2.3.0-beta2 and prior, when h2o is configured to listen to multiple addresses or ports with each of them using different backend servers managed by multiple entities, a malicious backend entity that also has the opportunity to observe or inject packets exchanged between the client and h2o may misdirect HTTPS requests going to other backends and observe the contents of that HTTPS request being sent. The attack... H2o 6.7
2023-12-12 CVE-2023-50247 h2o is an HTTP server with support for HTTP/1.x, HTTP/2 and HTTP/3. The QUIC stack (quicly), as used by H2O up to commit 43f86e5 (in version 2.3.0-beta and prior), is susceptible to a state exhaustion attack. When H2O is serving HTTP/3, a remote attacker can exploit this vulnerability to progressively increase the memory retained by the QUIC stack. This can eventually cause H2O to abort due to memory exhaustion. The vulnerability has been resolved in commit... H2o 7.5
2023-04-27 CVE-2023-30847 H2O is an HTTP server. In versions 2.3.0-beta2 and prior, when the reverse proxy handler tries to processes a certain type of invalid HTTP request, it tries to build an upstream URL by reading from uninitialized pointer. This behavior can lead to crashes or leak of information to back end HTTP servers. Pull request number 3229 fixes the issue. The pull request has been merged to the `master` branch in commit f010336. Users should upgrade to commit f010336 or later. H2o 8.2
2022-02-01 CVE-2021-43848 h2o is an open source http server. In code prior to the `8c0eca3` commit h2o may attempt to access uninitialized memory. When receiving QUIC frames in certain order, HTTP/3 server-side implementation of h2o can be misguided to treat uninitialized memory as HTTP/3 frames that have been received. When h2o is used as a reverse proxy, an attacker can abuse this vulnerability to send internal state of h2o to backend servers controlled by the attacker or third party. Also, if there is an HTTP... H2o 5.9
2017-12-22 CVE-2017-10868 H2O version 2.2.2 and earlier allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service in the server via specially crafted HTTP/1 header. H2o 7.5
2018-06-26 CVE-2018-0608 Buffer overflow in H2O version 2.2.4 and earlier allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial of service (DoS) via unspecified vectors. H2o 9.8
2017-12-22 CVE-2017-10908 H2O version 2.2.3 and earlier allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service in the server via specially crafted HTTP/2 header. H2o 7.5
2017-12-22 CVE-2017-10872 H2O version 2.2.3 and earlier allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service in the server via unspecified vectors. H2o 6.5
2017-12-22 CVE-2017-10869 Buffer overflow in H2O version 2.2.2 and earlier allows remote attackers to cause a denial-of-service in the server via unspecified vectors. H2o 7.5