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#Vulnerabilities 4080
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2015-11-16 CVE-2015-8104 The KVM subsystem in the Linux kernel through 4.2.6, and Xen 4.3.x through 4.6.x, allows guest OS users to cause a denial of service (host OS panic or hang) by triggering many #DB (aka Debug) exceptions, related to svm.c. Ubuntu_linux, Debian_linux, Linux_kernel, Solaris, Vm_virtualbox, Xen N/A
2020-09-30 CVE-2020-26137 urllib3 before 1.25.9 allows CRLF injection if the attacker controls the HTTP request method, as demonstrated by inserting CR and LF control characters in the first argument of putrequest(). NOTE: this is similar to CVE-2020-26116. Ubuntu_linux, Debian_linux, Communications_cloud_native_core_network_function_cloud_native_environment, Zfs_storage_appliance_kit, Urllib3 6.5
2013-03-22 CVE-2013-1860 Heap-based buffer overflow in the wdm_in_callback function in drivers/usb/class/cdc-wdm.c in the Linux kernel before 3.8.4 allows physically proximate attackers to cause a denial of service (system crash) or possibly execute arbitrary code via a crafted cdc-wdm USB device. Ubuntu_linux, Linux_kernel N/A
2018-07-26 CVE-2018-10878 A flaw was found in the Linux kernel's ext4 filesystem. A local user can cause an out-of-bounds write and a denial of service or unspecified other impact is possible by mounting and operating a crafted ext4 filesystem image. Ubuntu_linux, Debian_linux, Linux_kernel, Enterprise_linux_desktop, Enterprise_linux_server, Enterprise_linux_workstation 7.8
2023-09-27 CVE-2023-44216 PVRIC (PowerVR Image Compression) on Imagination 2018 and later GPU devices offers software-transparent compression that enables cross-origin pixel-stealing attacks against feTurbulence and feBlend in the SVG Filter specification, aka a issue. For example, attackers can sometimes accurately determine text contained on a web page from one origin if they control a resource from a different origin. Ryzen_5_7600x, Ryzen_7_4800u, M1_mac_mini, Macos, Ubuntu_linux, Android, Pixel_6, Core_i7\-10510u, Core_i7\-10610u, Core_i7\-11800h, Core_i7\-12700k, Core_i7\-8700, Windows_10, Windows_11, Geforce_rtx_2080_super, Geforce_rtx_3060 5.3
2018-02-09 CVE-2018-1000026 Linux Linux kernel version at least v4.8 onwards, probably well before contains a Insufficient input validation vulnerability in bnx2x network card driver that can result in DoS: Network card firmware assertion takes card off-line. This attack appear to be exploitable via An attacker on a must pass a very large, specially crafted packet to the bnx2x card. This can be done from an untrusted guest VM.. Ubuntu_linux, Debian_linux, Linux_kernel, Enterprise_linux, Enterprise_linux_desktop, Enterprise_linux_server, Enterprise_linux_workstation 7.7
2018-08-17 CVE-2018-15471 An issue was discovered in xenvif_set_hash_mapping in drivers/net/xen-netback/hash.c in the Linux kernel through 4.18.1, as used in Xen through 4.11.x and other products. The Linux netback driver allows frontends to control mapping of requests to request queues. When processing a request to set or change this mapping, some input validation (e.g., for an integer overflow) was missing or flawed, leading to OOB access in hash handling. A malicious or buggy frontend may cause the (usually... Ubuntu_linux, Linux_kernel, Xen 7.8
2019-12-08 CVE-2019-19448 In the Linux kernel 5.0.21 and 5.3.11, mounting a crafted btrfs filesystem image, performing some operations, and then making a syncfs system call can lead to a use-after-free in try_merge_free_space in fs/btrfs/free-space-cache.c because the pointer to a left data structure can be the same as the pointer to a right data structure. Ubuntu_linux, Debian_linux, Linux_kernel, A700s_firmware, Active_iq_unified_manager, Aff_8300_firmware, Aff_8700_firmware, Aff_a400_firmware, Cloud_backup, Data_availability_services, Fas_8300_firmware, Fas_8700_firmware, Fas_a400_firmware, H610s_firmware, Hci_management_node, Solidfire, Solidfire_baseboard_management_controller_firmware, Steelstore_cloud_integrated_storage 7.8
2022-01-14 CVE-2022-20698 A vulnerability in the OOXML parsing module in Clam AntiVirus (ClamAV) Software version 0.104.1 and LTS version 0.103.4 and prior versions could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to cause a denial of service condition on an affected device. The vulnerability is due to improper checks that may result in an invalid pointer read. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability by sending a crafted OOXML file to an affected device. An exploit could allow the attacker to cause the ClamAV... Ubuntu_linux, Clamav, Debian_linux 7.5
2019-09-20 CVE-2019-14814 There is heap-based buffer overflow in Linux kernel, all versions up to, excluding 5.3, in the marvell wifi chip driver in Linux kernel, that allows local users to cause a denial of service(system crash) or possibly execute arbitrary code. Ubuntu_linux, Debian_linux, Linux_kernel, A220_firmware, A320_firmware, A700s_firmware, A800_firmware, C190_firmware, Data_availability_services, Fas2720_firmware, Fas2750_firmware, H300e_firmware, H300s_firmware, H410c_firmware, H410s_firmware, H500e_firmware, H500s_firmware, H610s_firmware, H700e_firmware, H700s_firmware, Hci_management_node, Service_processor, Solidfire, Steelstore_cloud_integrated_storage, Leap, Enterprise_linux, Enterprise_linux_eus, Enterprise_linux_for_real_time, Enterprise_linux_for_real_time_for_nfv, Enterprise_linux_for_real_time_for_nfv_tus, Enterprise_linux_for_real_time_tus, Enterprise_linux_server_aus, Enterprise_linux_server_tus, Messaging_realtime_grid 7.8