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#Vulnerabilities 2
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2021-11-17 CVE-2021-3939 Ubuntu-specific modifications to accountsservice (in patch file debian/patches/0010-set-language.patch) caused the fallback_locale variable, pointing to static storage, to be freed, in the user_change_language_authorized_cb function. This is reachable via the SetLanguage dbus function. This is fixed in versions 0.6.55-0ubuntu12~20.04.5, 0.6.55-0ubuntu13.3, 0.6.55-0ubuntu14.1. Accountsservice, Ubuntu_linux 7.8
2014-04-16 CVE-2011-4406 The Ubuntu AccountsService package before 0.6.14-1git1ubuntu1.1 does not properly drop privileges when changing language settings, which allows local users to modify arbitrary files via unspecified vectors. Accountsservice, Ubuntu_linux N/A