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#Vulnerabilities 2
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2021-01-26 CVE-2021-3156 Sudo before 1.9.5p2 contains an off-by-one error that can result in a heap-based buffer overflow, which allows privilege escalation to root via "sudoedit -s" and a command-line argument that ends with a single backslash character. Privilege_management_for_mac, Privilege_management_for_unix\/linux, Debian_linux, Fedora, Web_gateway, Hci_management_node, Oncommand_unified_manager_core_package, Solidfire, Communications_performance_intelligence_center, Micros_compact_workstation_3_firmware, Micros_es400_firmware, Micros_kitchen_display_system_firmware, Micros_workstation_5a_firmware, Micros_workstation_6_firmware, Tekelec_platform_distribution, Sudo, Diskstation_manager, Diskstation_manager_unified_controller, Skynas_firmware, Vs960hd_firmware 7.8
2023-12-11 CVE-2021-3187 An issue was discovered in BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Mac before 5.7. An authenticated, unprivileged user can elevate privileges by running a malicious script (that executes as root from a temporary directory) during install time. (This applies to macOS before 10.15.5, or Security Update 2020-003 on Mojave and High Sierra, Later versions of macOS are not vulnerable.) Privilege_management_for_mac 8.8