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#Vulnerabilities 2
Date ID Summary Products Score Patch
2020-01-23 CVE-2019-17570 An untrusted deserialization was found in the org.apache.xmlrpc.parser.XmlRpcResponseParser:addResult method of Apache XML-RPC (aka ws-xmlrpc) library. A malicious XML-RPC server could target a XML-RPC client causing it to execute arbitrary code. Apache XML-RPC is no longer maintained and this issue will not be fixed. Xml\-Rpc, Debian_linux N/A
2017-10-27 CVE-2016-5002 XML external entity (XXE) vulnerability in the Apache XML-RPC (aka ws-xmlrpc) library 3.1.3, as used in Apache Archiva, allows remote attackers to conduct server-side request forgery (SSRF) attacks via a crafted DTD. Xml\-Rpc 7.8