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#Vulnerabilities 4
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2023-12-18 CVE-2023-48795 The SSH transport protocol with certain OpenSSH extensions, found in OpenSSH before 9.6 and other products, allows remote attackers to bypass integrity checks such that some packets are omitted (from the extension negotiation message), and a client and server may consequently end up with a connection for which some security features have been downgraded or disabled, aka a Terrapin attack. This occurs because the SSH Binary Packet Protocol (BPP), implemented by these extensions, mishandles... Sshd, Sshj, Asyncssh, Ssh_client, Ssh_server, Sshlib, Thrussh, Crushftp, Dropbear_ssh, Erlang\/otp, Filezilla_client, Freebsd, Security, Crypto, Maverick_synergy_java_ssh_api, Kitty, Lanconfig, Lcos, Lcos_fx, Lcos_lx, Lcos_sx, Libssh, Libssh2, Jsch, Powershell, Net\-Ssh, Pfsense_ce, Pfsense_plus, Xshell_7, Openssh, Cyclone_ssh, Nova, Transmit_5, Paramiko, Proftpd, Putty, Advanced_cluster_security, Ceph_storage, Cert\-Manager_operator_for_red_hat_openshift, Discovery, Enterprise_linux, Jboss_enterprise_application_platform, Keycloak, Openshift_api_for_data_protection, Openshift_container_platform, Openshift_data_foundation, Openshift_dev_spaces, Openshift_developer_tools_and_services, Openshift_gitops, Openshift_pipelines, Openshift_serverless, Openshift_virtualization, Openstack_platform, Single_sign\-On, Storage, Pkixssh, Russh, Sftpgo, Ssh, Ssh2, Tera_term, Sftp_gateway_firmware, Tinyssh, Ssh2, Securecrt, Winscp 5.9
2022-11-16 CVE-2022-45047 Class org.apache.sshd.server.keyprovider.SimpleGeneratorHostKeyProvider in Apache MINA SSHD <= 2.9.1 uses Java deserialization to load a serialized The class is one of several implementations that an implementor using Apache MINA SSHD can choose for loading the host keys of an SSH server. Sshd 9.8
2023-07-10 CVE-2023-35887 Exposure of Sensitive Information to an Unauthorized Actor vulnerability in Apache Software Foundation Apache MINA. In SFTP servers implemented using Apache MINA SSHD that use a RootedFileSystem, logged users may be able to discover "exists/does not exist" information about items outside the rooted tree via paths including parent navigation ("..") beyond the root, or involving symlinks. This issue affects Apache MINA: from 1.0 before 2.10. Users are recommended to upgrade to 2.10 Sshd 4.3
2021-07-12 CVE-2021-30129 A vulnerability in sshd-core of Apache Mina SSHD allows an attacker to overflow the server causing an OutOfMemory error. This issue affects the SFTP and port forwarding features of Apache Mina SSHD version 2.0.0 and later versions. It was addressed in Apache Mina SSHD 2.7.0 Sshd, Banking_payments, Banking_trade_finance, Banking_treasury_management, Communications_cloud_native_core_console, Flexcube_universal_banking, Middleware_common_libraries_and_tools, Oss_support_tools, Retail_customer_management_and_segmentation_foundation 6.5