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Date Id Summary Products Score Patch
2023-03-21 CVE-2012-10009 A vulnerability was found in 404like Plugin up to 1.0.2. It has been classified as critical. Affected is the function checkPage of the file 404Like.php. The manipulation of the argument searchWord leads to sql injection. It is possible to launch the attack remotely. Upgrading to version 1.0.2 is able to address this issue. The name of the patch is 2c4b589d27554910ab1fd104ddbec9331b540f7f. It is recommended to upgrade the affected component. The identifier of this vulnerability is VDB-223404. N/A N/A
2023-03-21 CVE-2023-1527 Cross-site Scripting (XSS) - Generic in GitHub repository tsolucio/corebos prior to 8.0. N/A N/A
2023-03-20 CVE-2022-43663 An integer conversion vulnerability exists in the SORBAx64.dll RecvPacket functionality of WellinTech KingHistorian A specially crafted network packet can lead to a buffer overflow. An attacker can send a malicious packet to trigger this vulnerability. N/A N/A
2023-03-20 CVE-2022-45124 An information disclosure vulnerability exists in the User authentication functionality of WellinTech KingHistorian A specially crafted network packet can lead to a disclosure of sensitive information. An attacker can sniff network traffic to leverage this vulnerability. N/A N/A
2023-03-20 CVE-2023-0681 Rapid7 InsightVM versions 6.6.178 and lower suffers from an open redirect vulnerability, whereby an attacker has the ability to redirect the user to a site of the attacker’s choice using the ‘page’ parameter of the ‘data/console/redirect’ component of the application. This issue was resolved in the February, 2023 release of version 6.6.179. N/A N/A
2023-03-20 CVE-2023-27578 Galaxy is an open-source platform for data analysis. All supported versions of Galaxy are affected prior to 22.01, 22.05, and 23.0 are affected by an insufficient permission check. Unsupported versions are likely affected as far back as the functionality of Visualizations/Pages exists. Due to this issue, an attacker can modify or delete any Galaxy Visualization or Galaxy Page given they know the encoded ID of it. Additionally, they can copy or import any Galaxy Visualization given they know... N/A N/A
2023-03-20 CVE-2023-28425 Redis is an in-memory database that persists on disk. Starting in version 7.0.8 and prior to version 7.0.10, authenticated users can use the MSETNX command to trigger a runtime assertion and termination of the Redis server process. The problem is fixed in Redis version 7.0.10. N/A N/A