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Date ID Summary Products Score Patch
2019-08-20 CVE-2019-11806 OX App Suite 7.10.1 and earlier has Insecure Permissions. N/A N/A
2019-08-20 CVE-2019-11522 OX App Suite 7.10.0 to 7.10.2 allows XSS. N/A N/A
2019-08-20 CVE-2019-11521 OX App Suite 7.10.1 allows Content Spoofing. N/A N/A
2019-08-20 CVE-2018-20975 Fat Free CRM before 0.18.1 has XSS in the tags_helper in app/helpers/tags_helper.rb. N/A N/A
2019-08-20 CVE-2019-12889 An unauthenticated privilege escalation exists in SailPoint Desktop Password Reset 7.2. A user with local access to only the Windows logon screen can escalate their privileges to NT AUTHORITY\System. An attacker would need local access to the machine for a successful exploit. The attacker must disconnect the computer from the local network / WAN and connect it to an internet facing access point / network. At that point, the attacker can execute the password-reset functionality, which will... N/A N/A
2019-08-20 CVE-2019-15239 In the Linux kernel, a certain net/ipv4/tcp_output.c change, which was properly incorporated into 4.16.12, was incorrectly backported to the earlier longterm kernels, introducing a new vulnerability that was potentially more severe than the issue that was intended to be fixed by backporting. Specifically, by adding to a write queue between disconnection and re-connection, a local attacker can trigger multiple use-after-free conditions. This can result in a kernel crash, or potentially in... N/A N/A
2019-08-20 CVE-2019-15227 FlightPath 4.8.3 has XSS in the Content, Edit urgent message, and Users sections of the Admin Console. This could lead to cookie stealing and other malicious actions. N/A N/A