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Date ID Summary Products Score Patch
2020-01-18 CVE-2020-7227 Westermo MRD-315 1.7.3 and 1.7.4 devices have an information disclosure vulnerability that allows an authenticated remote attacker to retrieve the source code of different functions of the web application via requests that lack certain mandatory parameters. This affects ifaces-diag.asp, system.asp, backup.asp, sys-power.asp, ifaces-wls.asp, ifaces-wls-pkt.asp, and ifaces-wls-pkt-adv.asp. N/A N/A
2020-01-18 CVE-2020-7222 An issue was discovered in Amcrest Web Server 2.520.AC00.18.R 2017-06-29 WEB The login page responds with JavaScript when one tries to authenticate. An attacker who changes the result parameter (to true) in this JavaScript code can bypass authentication and achieve limited privileges (ability to see every option but not modify them). N/A N/A
2020-01-18 CVE-2019-20357 A Persistent Arbitrary Code Execution vulnerability exists in the Trend Micro Security 2020 (v160 and 2019 (v15) consumer familiy of products which could potentially allow an attacker the ability to create a malicious program to escalate privileges and attain persistence on a vulnerable system. N/A N/A
2020-01-18 CVE-2019-19697 An arbitrary code execution vulnerability exists in the Trend Micro Security 2019 (v15) consumer family of products which could allow an attacker to gain elevated privileges and tamper with protected services by disabling or otherwise preventing them to start. An attacker must already have administrator privileges on the target machine in order to exploit the vulnerability. N/A N/A
2020-01-18 CVE-2019-19696 A RootCA vulnerability found in Trend Micro Password Manager for Windows and macOS exists where the localhost.key of RootCA.crt might be improperly accessed by an unauthorized party and could be used to create malicious self-signed SSL certificates, allowing an attacker to misdirect a user to phishing sites. N/A N/A
2020-01-18 CVE-2019-15625 A memory usage vulnerability exists in Trend Micro Password Manager 3.8 that could allow an attacker with access and permissions to the victim's memory processes to extract sensitive information. N/A N/A
2020-01-17 CVE-2020-7104 The chained-quiz plugin for WordPress has reflected XSS via the wp-admin/admin-ajax.php total_questions parameter. N/A N/A