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#Vulnerabilities 14
Date Id Summary Products Score Patch Annotated
2018-05-29 CVE-2016-7076 sudo before version 1.8.18p1 is vulnerable to a bypass in the sudo noexec restriction if application run via sudo executed wordexp() C library function with a user supplied argument. A local user permitted to run such application via sudo with noexec restriction could possibly use this flaw to execute arbitrary commands with elevated privileges. Sudo 7.8
2017-10-10 CVE-2015-8239 The SHA-2 digest support in the sudoers plugin in sudo after 1.8.7 allows local users with write permissions to parts of the called command to replace them before it is executed. Sudo 7.0
2015-11-17 CVE-2015-5602 sudoedit in Sudo before 1.8.15 allows local users to gain privileges via a symlink attack on a file whose full path is defined using multiple wildcards in /etc/sudoers, as demonstrated by "/home/*/*/file.txt." Sudo N/A
2017-04-24 CVE-2014-9680 sudo before 1.8.12 does not ensure that the TZ environment variable is associated with a zoneinfo file, which allows local users to open arbitrary files for read access (but not view file contents) by running a program within an sudo session, as demonstrated by interfering with terminal output, discarding kernel-log messages, or repositioning tape drives. Sudo 3.3