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#Vulnerabilities 1036
Date ID Summary Products Score Patch
2019-11-14 CVE-2012-1160 Moodle before 2.2.2 has a permission issue in Forum Subscriptions where unenrolled users can subscribe/unsubscribe via mod/forum/index.php Fedora, Moodle N/A
2019-11-14 CVE-2012-1158 Moodle before 2.2.2 has a course information leak in gradebook where users are able to see hidden grade items in export Fedora, Moodle N/A
2019-11-14 CVE-2012-1157 Moodle before 2.2.2 has a default repository capabilities issue where all repositories are viewable by all users by default Fedora, Moodle N/A
2019-11-06 CVE-2019-10218 A flaw was found in the samba client, all samba versions before samba 4.11.2, 4.10.10 and 4.9.15, where a malicious server can supply a pathname to the client with separators. This could allow the client to access files and folders outside of the SMB network pathnames. An attacker could use this vulnerability to create files outside of the current working directory using the privileges of the client user. Fedora, Samba N/A
2019-11-06 CVE-2019-14847 A flaw was found in samba 4.0.0 before samba 4.9.15 and samba 4.10.x before 4.10.10. An attacker can crash AD DC LDAP server via dirsync resulting in denial of service. Privilege escalation is not possible with this issue. Fedora, Leap, Samba N/A
2019-11-14 CVE-2012-1170 Moodle before 2.2.2 has an external enrolment plugin context check issue where capability checks are not thorough Fedora, Moodle N/A
2019-11-14 CVE-2012-1161 Moodle before 2.2.2: Course information leak via hidden courses being displayed in tag search results Fedora, Moodle N/A
2019-11-14 CVE-2012-1159 Moodle before 2.2.2: Overview report allows users to see hidden courses Fedora, Moodle N/A
2019-11-12 CVE-2010-4177 mysql-gui-tools (mysql-query-browser and mysql-admin) before 5.0r14+openSUSE-2.3 exposes the password of a user connected to the MySQL server in clear text form via the list of running processes. Fedora, Mysql\-Gui\-Tools N/A
2019-11-12 CVE-2010-3439 It is possible to cause a DoS condition by causing the server to crash in alien-arena 7.33 by supplying various invalid parameters to the download command. Alien\-Arena, Debian_linux, Fedora N/A